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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Short History of Leftist/Nazi Violence

Socialists/progressives are still utterly committed to violence and intolerance.

We shouldn't be surprised.

Like their estranged brothers, the National Socialists (i.e., Nazis), International Socialists/communists murdered dozens of millions of people - and persecuted/imprisoned/starved/"liquidated" many more - in the 20th century (e.g., in China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, various African states, east Asia, eastern Europe, Cuba, North Korea, etc.). Today they're still fixated on violence and intolerance.

We have the large-scale violence and Leftist killings in Venezuela. Trotskyist/communist/Antifa/BLM/etc. violence in U.S. universities on and on American streets. There's also the leftwing "no platform" policy (often called for on Facebook) which calls for the silencing of right-wingers. Then there are the frequent calls for the banning and censorship of all people to the Right of Jeremy Corbyn or Lenin (e.g., Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Tommy Robinson, speakers for UKip, academics/scientists who do research on IQ, Islam, race, sociobiology, Intelligent Design, etc.). Political groups also suffer the same fate (e.g., EDL, UKip, Britain First, etc.). “Evil, greedy and selfish Tories", of course, will be dealt with when/if the Left has TOTAL power; probably in the manner seen in Venezuela.

Here's a suggestion.

Why don't Nazis and InterNazis (who indulge in an obscene symbiotic/parasitic relationship with each other) get together in a huge private space and sort each other out? Perhaps then we'll be rid of both of them.

[As for the video below. We have a white middle-class Leftist violently attacking a black man. This violent and intolerant white man called the black supporter of Trump a "racist" and "Uncle Tom".)

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