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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Trump's long handshake shock!

Hold the front page! Yes, it's true. Donald Trump has just given someone a long handshake!

Can you believe that various news outlets (from CNN to Britain's Independent) have made a big deal out of this? I mean they really are betraying how pathetic this anti-Trump hysteria has become. These anti-Trumpers don't even pretend that they've a problem with Trump's politics anymore. Instead, literally anything goes! From Trump's compliments to President Macron's wife to, yes, his long handshakes. It really is pathetic – no matter how it's dressed up.

Metro, for example, called the handshake a “toe-curling exchange”. The UK's Independent called it an “excruciating 30-second handshake”. And CNN even surpasses these pathetic examples by giving us an academic “second-by-second analysis of the Trump-Macron handshake”. Sad!

Indeed many news-outlets gave us the precise timing of the handshake – it was 25 seconds' long! Imagine it. Some sad-clown-of-a-journalist actually timed it!

Apparently, Trump has given “awkward handshakes” before. And? This is like a graphic example of the idea that in order to destroy Trump, the mantra “by any means necessary” can be seen to be upheld by many journalists and editors today. It really is massively pathetic.

And if elements of the media offer “in-depth analyses” of handshakes, it's no surprise that they also made a big deal about Trump's comment to the French President's wife (Brigitte Macron) when he said that she was in “such good shape”. I wonder what the same journalists would have said if Trump had said that she was in such bad shape?

Another pathetic and sad media story was the fact that the Polish “leading lady” (Agata Kornhauser-Duda) decided to shake Melania Trump's hand before Donald Trump's. So what? Yet the videos are so short that clearly they're cut-and-edited to make it seem worse than it was. In another words, as soon as she'd shook Mrs Trump's hand, she then shook Donald Trump's hand. Indeed she didn't even see Trump's outstretched hand in the first place!

Despite that, one newspaper said that it was “a snub of the most brazen variety, and it’s a thing of beauty”. Now would that newspaper have said the same thing if it were in political agreement with the American President? Of course not! We never had pathetic pieces like this on Barack Obama.

All this may not be Fake News; though it's certainly Pathetic News.

Many newspapers steal each other's stories. Indeed many news stories are rewrites of other newspapers' news stories. So this may partly explain the concentration on this monumentally insignificant handshake.However, when it comes to editors placing the same stories - and the same angle on the same stories - in their own rags, that's indeed a sad state of affairs.

I said anything goes in the anti-Trump crusade. And this reminds of an old story dating back to February 2017.

The BBC's very own public-school radical critic, James O'Brien, did a feature on “fake news” for Newsnight. It was really about how Donald Trump himself is primarily responsible for fake news. Yet, in James O'Brien's introduction to one of his pro-Trump guests, he not only offered the viewers fake information about her working for Breitbart (which she didn't); he even failed to mention the fact that she'd worked for the Wall Street Journal for 15 years! (See video here.) Thus the BBC offered its licence-paying “customers” fake news about fake news!

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