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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The BBC and Gary Lineker are Pro-Market... On the Sly

In reference to Gary Lineker spending £630 each night at a Los Angeles hotel, Lineker's “representative”, Jon Holmes, said: “The market has set the rate.”

Does that mean that Gary Lineker (despite his pro-Corbyn and leftwing statements) is actually pro-market? Well, his representative certainly is.

Not surprisingly, then, Gary Lineker's agent also reacted defensively to criticism of Gary Lineker's £1.8 million BBC pay p/racket. But that doesn't matter. Lineker is a “progressive anti-racist”. Being paid massive amounts is only a sin if you're right-wing and/or wear suits and ties. And, as we all know, all sorts of leftwing/progressive rock/pop stars, actors and film-makers make millions. Though they're also politically hip. So that's okay then.

This BBC hypocrisy has even been debated in Parliament. MPs have said that BBC big knobs should be questioned about their special high-earners. For example, take the presenter of Radio 5 Live, Stephen Nolan. This geezer earned between £400,000 and £450,000 last year. (He also faces scrutiny for allegedly “hiding” extra payments.)

These very high BBC salaries – which almost equal those of many leftwing/progressive Chancellors/professors at various British universities – are quite amazing if one keeps in mind the fact that the BBC is funded by the British people in the form of license fees.

Thus the BBC believes in the capitalist market. And the BBC doesn't believe in the capitalist market.

As for Gary Lineker himself. I wouldn't class him as a typically vicious and nasty (Dave Spart-like) supporter of Jeremy Corbyn (of which there are many). I suppose he seems like a decent bloke. He even posted a tweet in which he said that it's an “outrage” that he's paid less than DJ Chris Evans; who earned £2.5 million last year.

Nonetheless, I'm not as critical of the aforementioned Chris Evans as I am of Gary Lineker. That's because the former hasn't supported the radical socialist, Jeremy Corbyn. 

As just stated, Gary Lineker is a supporter of Saint Jeremy. (Lineker publicly stated that he voted for Corbyn at the June 8th election.) Indeed the website Vice penned an article called 'How Gary Lineker Became the British Left's Loudest Voice'. According to this article, Lineker has “taken down” Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and supported refugees (Without, of course, letting any refugees live in his very expa/ensive British home or in his £2 million house in Barbados.)

However, like many other supporters of Jesus H. Corbyn, Lineker has a problem with Corbyn's extremely ambivalent position on Brexit and the EU. Thus we can conclude by saying that Lineker is a Corbynite apart from his very strong championship of the European Union (which Corbyn certainly doesn't share).

Let's face facts. There are very many extremely rich and well-off socialists, Corbynites and progressives: from Gary Lineker and Michael Moore to Seumas Milne and George Soros; from George Monbiot and Naomi Klein to Madonna and George Clooney.

However, earning a hell of a lot of money doesn't cause any of these people any moral or political problems whatsoever. There are two main reasons for that:

1) There are always some people who are even richer than they are! (They're usually multi-millionaires in suits and ties who run businesses; which is just so unhip!) After all, inequality is relative, isn't it?
2) It doesn't matter if you're very rich, as long as you're also leftwing or progressive.

The BBC itself is in a terrible predicament. This institution is politically Liberal-Left (i.e., its general “editorial position” is Liberal-Left). Indeed a few BBC journalists are radical socialists like Corbyn. The BBC is also a capitalist institution which wants to make as much money as it can. That means that its Liberal-Left or leftwing “values” come up full square against its practices or actions (e.g., the salaries of BBC employees). This clash between human nature and leftwing piety can also be seen with Micheal “nine homes” Moore, Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd), Seumas Milne and Andrew Philip Drummond-Murray (two well-off public-school boys who now run Corbyn's political machine), Charlotte Church (a Corbyn supporter), Emma Watson (actress, feminist and progressive “activist”), George Soros and many other members of the rich leftwing “tribe of independent minds”.

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