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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Linda Sarsour uses threats against her to advance Islam(ism)

Linda Sarsour is a classic Islamist operative in that - just like Trotskyists fighting for revolution - she's using other people's causes and other groups to further her own Islamist and Islamic ends. And she's been very successful at this. Very successful!  

This means that it's not a surprise that the UK news outlet, Metro, seems to be a fan too. It has bemoaned, for example, the fact that a

Muslim woman and Palestinian activist has shared a disturbing rape threat email she was sent by a stranger”.

Metro even surpasses itself when it says that Linda “bravely shared a disturbing hate-filled email to her enormous following”. That's precisely why she has such an “enormous following” because of gimmicks like this! She shared these emails not only to sell herself; but to also sell her Islamist politics. And that's why she had to add that

[w]hen folks claim I follow a violent religion but send me these types of emails. #TheIronyisStarting”.

So there's a political point to this email; which Metro happily overlooks.

Metro then goes one step further - in its mindless Islamophilia - by saying that one message

contained a highly offensive comment about the Quran, which was misspelt by the writer”.

So this ain't just about being offensive to Sarsour. It's also about being offensive to the Korang!

Metro also piously informs us that one Twitter user, Juliana, wrote:

Absolutely disgusted when reading this email. I don’t understand how people have the mind and heart to type this horrific stuff.”

Yes she does understand it! It happens all the time on Facebook, Twitter and in other social-media outlets. The facts is, she doesn't think it should have happened to a woman she likes or whom she politically supports. 

This simply must be a political post by Metro because all sorts of people - in all sorts of groups - receive emails like this from all sorts of people. Many Muslim men, for example, send emails and post Facebook comments about their rape and brutalisation of kuffar women. Indeed Corbyn's supporters have recently been reprimanded for their abuse and highly-aggressive activity on social media. (See this article; though there are many.) 

Nonetheless, liberal-left Metro – just like the revolutionary Left - picks and chooses which groups and which individuals to focus on when it comes to this issue. It would never, for example, feature an entire article on the numerous death-threats which Tommy Robinson has faced over the years. Nor would it post screenshots of the many violent and hateful posts that Corbynistas have sent and posted. As I said, Metro picks and chooses its victims.

Finally, just like the UK's SWP/Unite Against Fascism, Linda Sarsour has tapped into all sorts of groups and movements and then used them for her own ends. Even feminists have been naive enough to bring her on board when they made her a co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington earlier this year.

For Islamism (with the kind help of the Left/progressives), the only way is up.

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