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Friday, 2 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn on Democracy

Whenever Corbyn talks about democracy, you can guarantee that he means socialist democracy; or his very particular socialist version of democracy. He also has very specific socialist beneficiaries of democracy in mind. But that's not democracy, is it? Like free speech, it's got to be for everyone – even for the evil Right. Not so with Corbyn and the Trotskyist/communist Left generally.

Let's take a specific example of the Corbynite take on democracy. Corbyn said:

The overwhelming and overriding demand is for greater democracy, and some form of public accountability and control of the police force in London.”

Corbyn meant that socialist councils and activists should have control over the police; not the “25,000 people” he referred to. Of course Marxist/socialist graduates and professionals would be the Voice (or Vanguard) of those 25,000 people. So that's the same thing, isn't it? At least it was according to Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, etc.

Corbyn also said that “the most important matter is to have democratic control of the police forces in this country”. What he meant is socialist control; or, once in power, socialist state control. That is, he didn't mean the “people's control” or “people power”. He wants the socialist Vanguard (of the people) to have control. That's a very different thing; as can be seen when looking at every socialist regime that ever existed in the 20th century. (By the way, Scandinavian countries aren't socialist countries, as many Corbynites claim; they're “social democracies” with very large segments of private enterprise.)

Corbyn also talked about “his Government and this kind of attack on democracy”. Here again it must be stressed that Marxist socialists like Corbyn have an extremely specific take on democracy. Corbyn then explained that this socialist position on democracy “will lead to the election of a Labour Government committed to the restoration of genuine local democracy”. It must be said that “genuine local democracy” simply means socialist councils carrying out socialist measures which are obediently in line with socialist political theology.

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