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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Don't Vote Labour: Corbyn Will Destroy Britain!

I've debated with lots of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters. Except that “debate” is the wrong word. It's impossible to debate with people who believe that Corbyn must win "by-any-means-necessary”. It's bad enough trying to debate with Marxist socialists at other times. It's almost impossible in the run-up to this election. Such people automatically think you're a “Tory” or a racistfascistNazineolibknuckledragging bigot. And that's on a good day! All their opponents are evil or “enemies of the people”. If they're well-off right-wingers, then they're evil “exploiters of the poor”. If they're working-class right-wingers, then they're “gullible Uncle Toms” with false consciousness (they don't use that phrase) who're “traitors to their class”. You literally can't win with these zealots.

Jeremy Corbyn's Britain

I believe that Jeremy Corbyn will literally destroy Great Britain. He is, by far, the most extreme and most ideological leader Britain has ever been invited to vote for. To many, Margaret Thatcher was also extreme; as well as ideological. Though, in comparison to Corbyn, she was a lightweight.

I can't “prove” that Corbyn will destroy Britain. (As Corbynites have often asked me to do about this and about other things I've claimed.) I'm not a futurologist. I can only argue for it with evidence, facts, quotes, interpretation, history, etc.

Why will Corbyn destroy Britain?

For a start, he's a Marxist socialist. Thus, by definition, he's against what Marxist socialists call “capitalist democracy”. That means that Corbyn has two political choices.

One: to destroy "capitalist" Britain.
Two: to massively change Britain.

Corbyn's already admitted to wanting to massively change Britain; which is something he'll need to do in order to create his socialist utopia. Then again, destroying Britain may be indistinguishable from radically changing Britain. Is it a difference that doesn't makes a difference?

Some – though very few! - of Corbyn's supporters claim to be patriots. (Even Corbyn might have done so.) Though what could it mean when a Marxist socialist makes such a claim? How can an InterNationalist Socialist also be a patriot? (For a start, they believe in "open borders".) It's almost a logical contradiction. Nonetheless, some – though not many - Corbynites (like Billy Bragg) will cite British socialist heroes, socialist historical events, socialist institutions, socialist groups, socialist musicians, etc. whom/which they are proud. These things will presumably show us that they're patriots after all. Anything non-socialist, of course, they'll hate and want to change/destroy. And there's a hell of a lot to Britain that's non-socialist. In addition, there must be at least 30 million non-socialist British adults! That's a lot of people/things to hate and to want to change/destroy.

Why Vote for The Conservatives?

I'm voting for the the Conservative Party tomorrow. This is a big act of Realpolitik (or “tactical voting”). I've never voted for it before. Many Ukip supporters, for example, will think I'm silly and even hypocritical for doing so. But we have to be realistic. It may be sad or a bad thing; though it's the way, I think, it must go.

Why the Tories?

Simple. They won't destroy Britain. Jeremy Corbyn will.

I'm not a fan of Theresa May and the Conservatives. Indeed I'm not a fan of them for some of the same reasons that Corbynites claim to be against them.

Take Saudi Arabia.

We shouldn't arm this country or treat it with anything other than the contempt it deserves. It does indeed fund terrorism, spread Wahhabism, etc. Then again, Corbyn and his Stop the War Coalition (which he led until 2016) supports Iran and even supports Assad's Syria. Iran also funds global terrorism and has done since 1979.

Thus we should say: Neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran. Corbynites don't say that. And neither does Jeremy Corbyn himself.

It's also true that there's been some austerity under the Tories. However, the word “austerity” has become a Marxist-socialist soundbite designed to install class-hatred into the masses. There's hardly any absolute poverty in the U.K. There is, of course, relative poverty – which is a “measure of income inequality”. And, relatively, it can be bad. Though this means that a Marxist professor on £750,000 a year (they do exist!) can claim poverty relative to capitalists who earn, say, £25 million a year. He certainly poor relative to George Soros, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Michael Moore, numerous pop and rock stars, Obama and many other left-wing millionaires. Thus Professor Marx's essential jealousy and enviousness can be justified according to his very own Marxist logic and the measure of income inequality. After all, why shouldn't middle-class Marxists like him have four – not three – foreign holidays a year?

This is an extreme example; though it applies across the board. Again, there is no absolute poverty in the U.K. I also question the word “austerity”. It depends entirely on how that emotional and political word is defined.

The Tories have also been great appeasers of Islam – or at least of Islamic supremacism. Nonetheless, Islam is intrinsically supremacist; as the last 1,400 years of Islam have graphically shown. 

Corbyn is certainly an even greater appeaser of Islam than Theresa May. He's supported Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Muslim preachers and jihadists in the UK, etc. 

Corbyn will take zero action against the ever-increasing number of Muslim ghettos, Muslim immigration and he'll even - despite the Corbynite hypocritical bullshit about Theresa May being “weak on terrorism” -  take no effective action against Islamic terrorism. He'll take some action against it: such as having tea with ISIS supporters, attending interfaith meetings and suchlike. However, he'll take zero effective action. After all, the Labour Party is now partly reliant on the Muslim vote. And Muslims often vote in blocks according to village/tribal ancestry (as well as for other reasons).

Within five years of a Corbyn victory, we'll probably have more than ten million Muslims in our country. (There is, at present, a wide diversity of opinion on the precise number of Muslims in the U.K.: the number ranges from 3.5 million to 5 million and more.) The prospect of civil strife and even civil war will also have massively increased. Since we already have dozens of Muslim ghettos, as well as the fact that there's been eighteen Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe since January 2017, who could doubt these words?

If Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is elected; then, to misquote New Labour, things can only get worse.

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  1. all very scary but unfortunately all very TRUE !!