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Friday, 19 May 2017

Diane Abbott MP on Immigration

It was to be expected that an ideological zealot and career anti-racist like Diane Abbott would have none of the old (pretend?) soul-searching of New Labour on immigration. (All this seems like a very long time ago now!) Predictably, then, this well-documented anti-white racist comes out with some sub-Trotskyist stuff which should have died in 1984 (or even well before that).

In the spirit of Gordon Brown (circa 2010), for example, Diane Abbot believes that even to open one's mouth for one second on the subject of immigration (unless to talk of its supreme and complete beneficence) is to do so from the “gutter”; not from, say, a large house in a leafy London suburb.

What if Diane Abbott is saying what many Labour MPs believe; though don't say? After all, if she were that at odds with Old Labour she'd have been kicked out a long time ago. (Yes, the Labour Party's a “broad church”; though there's broad and then there's broad.)

You see, because immigration is literally a non-issue to Ms Abbott, then any talk about it that the Labour Party actually manages to get around to must – it simply must! - be (as she puts it) “in response to the supposed electoral threat from UKIP”.

Diane Abbott also commits this howling non-sequitur in this Guardian article.

Some time back, and in response to Ed Miliband acknowledging the blindly-obvious fact that mass immigration is putting various kinds of pressure on many British people, Abbott said that there would be no N.H.S without immigrants working in it.

And keeping up with the Dave Spart logic, Diane Abbott then went on to (predictably) say that immigration is indeed all about race; just as all criticism of Islam and individual Muslims (according as the Guardian's Seumus Milne) is... yes, you guessed it... all about race.

So immigration isn't all about jobs after all - it's also about race?... Hold on a minute. Marxism/socialism is even more reductionist and essentialist than that. Yes, it's far more neat and tidy.

According to Marxist/Labour theory, people become racists (or, alternatively, become critical of mass immigration) simply because they don't have a job. Thus it's all about race because it's all about jobs. 

In other words, vote Labour and racism will disappear; as will unemployment, hate and bigotry. Well, it will do after Old Labour opens a Gulag for the millions of "far-Right racists" who infect our Diverse Land. And that'll only be after Labour has allowed in a few million more lovely, highly-skilled immigrants (mainly made up of neuroscientists and quantum physicists).

Vive la revolution!

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  1. White-hater, Diane Abbott, is a Huge Racist. And a Despicable Traitor to every black person on earth. She is sinfully SILENT about the 1,400 year evil Muslim practice taught in the Quran of gang raping, torturing and sex slavery of non-Muslims. This terrible, SATANIC EVIL has been perpetrated by imported Muslims for decades on hundreds of thousands of severely persecuted little, white Christian girls.

    Racist Diane Abbott, traitor Tony Blair, and all the other prime ministers who came after him, and other politicians are silent.


    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs