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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Women's Marchers Embrace Islamists & Pornographers

You wouldn't really have expected Madonna to be on the Women's March. Or, since she's an unscrupulous self-publicist, perhaps you would!

How does Madonna's career of hedonism, narcissism and soft-pornographic imagery sit with “women's rights”? Well, it doesn't have to because, in recent years, there's a new feminism for every new woman.

Take the feminist positions against pornography and the feminist positions in favour of pornography. Take the feminists who embrace “female intuition” and those feminists who believe that the notion is a “social construct”. There are feminists who believe in completely rejecting men and feminists who imitate men. And so on.

I mentioned Madonna's unscrupulous self-publicity a moment ago. So what sort of thing would you expect a shameless self-publicist to do? Do something like, say, threaten to blow up the White House? Of course Madonna would never actually risk her own life or freedom to do such a thing. It's self-publicity that matters in this instance, not the actual act of terrorism.

One thing you can say is that the majority of protestors didn't seem to be bothered about economic issues, tax, unemployment, federal funding and whatnot. Then against it was a women's march for, well, women. In other words, judging by the Women's March, you'd never guess that millions of ordinary people are having financial and economic problems in the United States. No, it was all about misogyny and other “women's issues”.

Thus, not only did these overwhelmingly middle-class and white protesters have nothing to say about Islamic misogyny, child marriage, polygamy-for-men-not-women, honour killings, etc., one “feminist” chanted “Allahu akbar” (see video above) on the stage (to much non-Muslim applause). Other non-Muslim feminists were wearing Stars and Stripes hijabs. How absurd and perverse is all that?

You see, just as only “capitalist wars” and “Western oppression” matter to Leftists; so only “white misogyny and oppression” matter to the feminist movement. In its positive racism, not only can no black ever be a racist; it's also the case that no brown (i.e., Muslim) can ever be a misogynist. So says the theological (faith-based) positions of Marxist "race theory”.

This basically means that Trump and contemporary American are easy targets. None of those protesters will be imprisoned for their views. None will be forced to wear a hijab. None are obliged to share their husband with other wives. None will be the victim of an “honour killing”. Yet these fluffy thinkers despise Trump and “embrace” Islam. This is profoundly sick and hypocritical.

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