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Monday, 30 January 2017

Why Leftists Can Organise Such Large Demonstrations

One thing that should always be kept in mind is that the Left puts its entire soul into demonstrations and believes, as a matter of faith, in “political activism”. That's why they can raise large numbers for any demo that's in fashion at the time. Conservatives, and those on the Right, on the other hand, believing in running their shops, keeping their businesses going, having a life, etc.

The result of this activism- or demo-fixation is that the Left always seems stronger than it actually is. You have groups like the Stop the War Coalition, the People's Assembly (all run by Trotskyist ex-SWP), Black Lives Matter, etc. run by a tiny minority of Leftists who're managing to tap into the guilt of white middle-class Leftists.

When students go to university, they recall films and documentaries they've seen of student political activism in the 1960s. All loudhailers and brainless soundbites. Thus the young middle-class think to themselves: I want a bit of that.

This is the Leftist right-of-passage that can be expected from the University Left. Lots of people who dress the same, think the same, and even act the same. Revolution is a product. It's a right-of-passage which numerous left-wing middle-class whites indulge in every year in every British and American university. It is utter conformity, whether in dress or ideas. Indeed many young “revolutionaries” are the children of parent revolutionaries who did exactly the same thing in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

Leftism has taken over the universities. You now have herds of people who look the same and think the same. Now how healthy is that?

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