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Friday, 20 January 2017

Professor Ayres-Bennett: Brits Should Embrace Their Own Deaths

A Cambridge professor has called on British people to learn Urdu and Polish in order to make migrants feel welcome. Apparently, we should learn languages such as Polish, Punjabi and Urdu to make immigrant families “feel more at home”.

I hate these kinds of professor.

They think they've the right to pontificate on important political issues; even when such issues aren't in their own academic domain. This is especially true when one bears in mind that theory and political correctness seem to cancel-out inconvenient facts and experiences when it comes to the theo[ry]logical beliefs of most Leftists.

No doubt if we embraced Islam, that would indeed make Muslim immigrants, etc. feel, as she puts it, “more at home”. But if we have to bend over so far backwards, then what will that do to our own homes? Of course a Muslim from Islamabad wants Bradford or even Cambridge to be like his own former shit-hole. But it isn't! Or at least it wasn't (in the case of Bradford).

Think about the obvious logical faux pas of believing that we should learn the languages of immigrants in the UK because some of them have learnt the English language in order to function in our country. Should we also learn their bombing-making or grooming- skills too?

This woman (Wendy Ayres-Bennett) is looking for sacrifice and selflessness from white working-class Brits; though I wonder what she - as a professor probably on more than a £100,000 a year and living in Cambridge - has sacrificed to the Glorious Other. How truly selfless is she in this context? Does the fact that she wants people to make immigrants "feel more at home" make her selfless? No! They're only words. Her life, I can guess, is untouched by radical Islam and mass immigration. The only experience she'll have of immigration will be when it comes to the foreign cleaners, maids or gardeners she employs – all on low wages which undercut the indigenous workforce.

Look at her. The personification of Cambridge University elitism, even down to her middle-class-academic bob-cut and double-barrelled name.

Cambridge University: the home of Leftist elitism and spies for almost a century.

Yes, the elite, today, are thoroughly left-wing. 

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