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Monday, 9 January 2017

Milo Addresses a Pure and Pious Anti-racist

I love it how this Leftist (at the start of the video - even as a singleton) tried to drown-out free speech. Clearly he really doesn't like people like Milo – or anyone to the Right of his royal self - having free speech. One can only guess what this twat would do had he the political power to do it. Though, if he's on the student union of this university, he probably does flex his meagre muscles a little bit. (In order to attract the politico chicks and, perhaps, university funding.)

What he does is say is: “You claim to be a defender of blacks.” I doubt that Milo said anything remotely resembling that. Indeed “defending blacks” has a distinctly racist feels to it. Of course, because all white people are “empowered and privileged” (even the unemployed and homeless ones!), then, of course, the inverted/positive racists of the university-based middle-class Left are going to help those helpless little children they call “people of colour”. That's how they assuage the guilt of their own middle-class privilege – by patronising blacks... and Muslims.

And why is it - to be profound for a mentioned - that all Socialist Justice Warriors wear glasses? Is this some kind of virtue/tribe-signalling? – “I'm pious, virtuous and intelligent and that's why they wear these glasses.” It seems pathetic, sure; but Leftists are pathetic. They're also extremely tribal. Hence enforced glasses-wearing shouldn't be ruled out. It's like the died red, purple, etc. hair these costumed Leftists use as a uniform.

As for Leslie Jones, whoever she is. This Leftist says Milo made “racist” comments about her when he said that she looks like a gorilla. There's a problem here. Leftists wouldn't be perturbed by Milo saying that a white female star looked like a gorilla. But they are when he says it about black star. Now why is that? Is it because this Leftist-in-the-audience himself thinks she looks like a gorilla!? Let's delve into his guilty and privileged soul to find out; which, of course, we can't do.

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