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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Little Britain vs. Big Europe?

Germany has branded the UK as “Little Britain”. Other European EU-philes have taken the piss out of Theresa May’s recent Brexit speech

Isn't all this ironic? 

The primary purpose of the European Union was said to be that of safeguarding Europe from future nationalisms. Yet here are the tribal supporters of the EU calling the United Kingdom "Little Britain" and England “Little England”. Why? Simply because we don't want to be part of Big Europe. Doesn't all arrogance replicate supposed nationalist bigotry?

The EU was only ever going to replicate the traits and vices of nation states - only on a bigger scale! Indeed Angela Merkel - who's not little - has recently stressed the need for a "European army". The EU also replicates, and then magnifies, state bureaucracy, arrogance, the abuse of power, lawfare, social experimentation, etc. which occurred in nation states. (The EU even has its own flag.) Thus how does enlarging a political territory and jurisdiction automatically stop nationalism and cure all our political ills? It doesn't: it simply replicates and then magnifies them (at least over time).

This is what happened when the adherents of the 18th-century French Revolution substituted the old religion with the religion of Rationalism - complete with churches, ritual and even a clergy. This was also what happened when Marxism became a religion. (In many senses, though, Marxism started out as a religion.)

The fact is that the Old Order and human nature are, to some extent at least, always with us. You can tart things up as the EU attempted to do. Though, just like the revolutions of yore, the EU has started to eat its own children.

Little Britain, however, will not be eaten by Big Europe.

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