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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Leftism is a Violent Expression of Politics

Leftism often - very often! - expresses itself in violence and subjugation.

At the bottom level, you have the "anti-fash" herds of young anarchists and Trotskyists (all dressed in the same way and thinking the same thoughts) inflicting violence on all the Nazifascistracist bigots who don't believe exactly what they believe.

At a slightly higher level, you have groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hope Not Hate, Unite Against Fascism, etc. closing down free speech and the right to demonstrate.

Historically, you have Lenin's coup in 1917, Stalin's mass murder, Chairman Mao's (student) Red Guards, Pol Pot my-Marxism-is purer-than-yours slaughter. You have Fidel Castro killing thirty thousand political prisoners in thirty years.

Now you have Leftist student unions closing down free speech, Leftists physically attacking political opponents, and countless other acts of violence from the "pacifist Left".

International Socialism (like National Socialism in the 1930s) has become so violent and intolerant in recent months and years that you'd think they were trying to match Pol Pot and Stalin. (“We are not Stalinists!”) Yes, another act of violence against a Trump supporter; another right-wing academic fired from a university; another meeting (not in tune with Leftism) cancelled. 

International Socialism (InterNazism) is political violence. It never really relied on the vote. It always relied on violence and political activism. These things look impressive on the day (such as the recent large demos); yet, in terms of the numbers of entire populations, they're a tiny elite – a violent, snobby and patronising “vanguard”.

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