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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

“Kill Trump”, Reverse Brexit... then what?

There have been numerous calls for the assassination of Donald Trump from anti-Trump activists since his election. Almost every day there's a Leftist call to violence. However, have these anti-Trump activists actually thought this through? -

i) I assume that Mike Pence would take Trump's place.
ii) There'd be massive and unparalleled anger and frustration from the 61 million and more who voted for Trump.

If an assassination had happened before the inauguration, some said that the Presidency would've been Obama's again! Of course, the Left would like that in the sense that when democracy goes the way they want it to go, then they're happy with democracy. When it doesn't, well...

In any case, would anti-Trump bigots be happy with Mike Pence taking over? In many respects, Pence is hated more than Trump. After all, the hatred and bigotry of the Left isn't that discriminating. Yes, the ultra-violent Left has called for Pence's assassination too! (What next, a Gulag for all Trump supporters?) The Left has also called for the death of Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Tommy Robinson, etc. And, historically, Pim Fortune (in 2002) and Theo van Gogh (in 2004) were assassinated, in Holland, by a Leftist and Muslim respectively.

Perhaps if Trump were assassinated, there'd be reciprocal assassinations or other killings from the Right. Although the Republican Right doesn't riot (or try to bypass democracy), an assassination of a much-loved democratically-elected leader is a different thing entirely. Perhaps those filled with deep anger would blow-up, say, Leftist universities or the offices of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The are many potential targets on the Left. Now would these sallow Leftist proponents of violence be able to take their own medicine?

Clearly, if the Left calls for the murder of Trump (as well as for bannings galore, censorship, etc.), then the rule of law, effectively, no longer exists. And when the rule of law no longer exists, the Right can fight back like-for-like. Madonna, Rosie MacDonald, etc. are calling for political violence. And that violence, in  the end, will work both ways.

In any case, the Left – Hollywood stars an' all – are dicing with death here. No one can forecast the repercussions of an assassination of Donald Trump, who's one of the most popular Republicans of recent history.

Anti-Trump activists seem to have a thing for violence, whether that's punching and beating-up Trump supporters or murdering the American President. All this is a very Khmer Rouge (or perhaps a Red Guard) kind-of-a-thing. 

The Left is taking democracy away from us - “by any means necessary” (a soundbite they're very keen on). And we aren't just talking about the “anti-fash” Antifa here, with their fetishisation of violence. (This seems to appeal to legions of skinny 21-year-old-men dressed in black and wearing hoodies.) We're also talking about the Marxist prophets of violence who teach at some of the best-known American and British universities. You know, the beer-bellied middle-aged Leftist professors who try to have sex with gullible students.

And what about Brexit?

Say that Brexit was ultimately unsuccessful - as the petulant and spoilt Remainers demand. Are the seventeen-and-a-half million people who voted for Brexit going to lie down and take this affront to democracy? Of course not! As before, the Remainers are playing a game which they will ultimately be unable to control.

What's happening here is that Leftist academics, actors, lawyers, etc. are calling for a violent revolution. So what happens when their opponents realise that this violent revolution is on the cards? Will the Right disappear or will it fight back? Do I need to answer that question?

Does the civil war start here?

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