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Monday, 16 January 2017

Jihad at St Mary's Episcopal Church, Glasgow

You may have heard about the Muslim female who was allowed to recite from the Koran in a British church. That in itself is suicidal enough. (We all know how some Christian fetishise weakness and love their enemies.) What some news outlets don't tell you is those words from the Koran were:

About Jesus not being the Son of God (“it is not befitting to the majesty of Allah that He should beget a son”).
About Jesus not being crucified.
About Jesus being another "Muslim prophet" (the “servant of Allah”).

Now think of the disgusting audacity of a Muslim who's given the opportunity to preach Islam in a Church of England place of worship. And then what does she do on the very day that Christians were celebrating Jesus's relation to God? She traduced Christianity - right in front of all the Christians in the Church. The thing is, of course, that the passages she recited were in Arabic. Thus those gullible Christians, and perhaps even the clergyman in charge (the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth), had no idea what was being said. Of course the Muslim reciter knew this fact and used it in a very sick manner!  
Jihad/dawah in Washington National Cathedral

So Muslims are correct: jihad does indeed take many forms. What happened in this church is just one example of that.

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