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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Leftist sacrifices his dick for Justice

No Justice, no Peace, eh? No Dick – Justice?

An upright and pious Leftist - by the name of Seth Greenberg - is going to sacrifice his dick (if he can find it) to the Holy Fight Against Trump. More specifically, he'll do this dastardly job if Trump builds a wall between Mekkiko and the United States.

In addition, a cisgender student in New York has promised to pump two bullets into his tiny brain if Trump's inauguration goes ahead. I've sent him some bullets.. just in case.

It's also rumoured that Leftists have started building a gulag somewhere in Snowflake Land. They hope to incarcerate tens of millions of Trump supporters, as well as the 17 million Naziracistfascist bigots who voted for Brexit.

London's posh Remainers are also planning the saturation bombing - with napalm - of the North of England (the Home of All Evil).

By the way, when that Leftist chops his dick off, he'll send it to the Third World (sorry, the "developing world") as "food aid". But that will only be after he's painted it black in a nice added touch of sweet white guilt.

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