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Monday, 12 December 2016

Tariq Ali Lies About Castro and Pinochet

Tariq Ali is a monumental bore of the Marxist Left. He’s been reciting the very same theological catechisms since he was in short trousers in the 1960s. He hasn’t once come up for air! Still, Leftist pontificating has gained him a superb career. My bet is that he’s a millionaire. 
Anyway, Lord Ali is a British Pakistani writer and journalist. He’s a member of the editorial Central Committee of the New Left Review, and he contributes to the Islamophile Guardian, the CounterPunch comic, and the London Review of Books.
Here’s Tariq Ali on the BBC’s News-night programme (alongside Peter Hitchens), being interviewed by Evan Davies.
The basic gist of Evan Davies’s overall questioning was to ask Tariq Ali why he and his fellow Leftists excuse, rationalize and even condone mass murder, class/ethnic “liquidations”, torture, dictatorship, oppression, censorship, secret police, etc. when carried out by socialist/communist regimes; but criticize the very same things when carried out by right-wing regimes.
Then again, Tariq Ali said – in the interview – that he was “on the same side as Castro”. So that explains everything.
In terms of the video, at 5:55, in response to an Evan Davies question, Tariq Ali shouts:
Hang on! Pinochet wiped out 30,000 people for God’s sake! How can you compare Pinochet to Castro?
Amongst a whole host of conflicting figures, we can say that Fidel Castro was responsible for the political murder of between 35,000 and 76,000 of his own people. (Some figures are much higher.) General Augusto Pinochet, on the other hand, was responsible for the political murder of between 1,200 and 3,200 people. (Many figures are lower.)
Thus it would seem that Tariq Ali, if anything, inverted the figures by giving Pinochet a hugely inflated number for his regime’s political killings. Mr Ali didn’t even bother to cite a figure for the Castro regime of torture and abuse.

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