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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dame Louise Casey on the Balkanisation of the UK

A just-published report informs us that “ethnic segregation” has increased in the UK. It also says that this has happened largely because of political correctness and the fear of being called “racist”. (This report will also be classed as racist and against the tenets of political correctness. Read yesterday's Guardian!)

Dame Louise Casey has been very honest. For example, Casey argues that segregation has occurred alongside a growth in what she describes as “regressive religious and cultural ideologies”. Indeed she's also talked about the growing sense of grievance in some parts of the Muslim community. (Islam demands instantiation everywhere Muslims exist. Therefore such grievances are bound to exist.)

Casey's report received more than 200 submissions from think tanks, community groups and academics. It probably received nothing from those many non-Muslims who live, for example, near Muslim ghettos. That's because those with first-hand experience of all this are all racists. Only a Dame can say this kind of thing. And even she'll get shouted down by both the Left and by Muslim groups. (The Muslim Council of Britain has already criticised the report - see the Guardian article linked above.)

The people of the UK have known all this for decades. Literally. Especially people in the North West, Birmingham, Luton, London, Rotherham, etc. Yet because this report is official and written by a Dame (Dame Louise Casey), news outlets have decided to focus on it. In the past, all journalists and social scientists needed to do was walk around Bradford, Luton, Rochdale, Birmingham, etc. for a few days (or less) to realise these facts about today's Disunited Kingdom.

What we have, specifically, is a plethora of Muslim ghettos. In fact there are literally dozens of such ghettos dotted throughout the UK. Perhaps over a hundred.


What are the best ways to combat this growing ethnic/religious segregation? According to Dame Louise Casey, people should be taught British values, law and history in schools. But these things have been suggested before – many times. And every time they're suggested, the massed battalions of the Left shoot the suggestions down as being.... yes, you guessed it, racist.

These enablers of disunity also say that “there are no British values” and that there “is no British identity”. That's odd because they don't say the same about Asian, black, Muslim or even Palestinian values and identities. It's only British values and identity that are denied. Indeed Ratna Lachman - an Asian Trotskyist lawyer (at JUST West Yorkshire) - even said that the “so-called 'white working class' means the far right”. (Fiyaz Mughal's Tell Mama also published an article against what it called “English identity”.)

How can Muslims be persuaded to embrace “integration, tolerance, citizenship” when Islam itself works against all these things? Integration with the kuffar (if you read the Koran) is most certainly a bad thing. Tolerance of the kuffar (if you check the later life of Muhammed) is a bad thing. And as for citizenship, that goes against the essence of sharia law (i.e. citizenship encompasses both secularism and democracy).

One thing that Muslims and the Leftist whores-of-Islam will certainly speak out against is the idea that new immigrants may be required to swear "an oath of integration with British values and society". That, of course, will be deemed racist and even fascist by the usual suspects. And then legions of lawyers will get to work on the suggestions. In the end, then, nothing much will happen because the British Left won't let it happen.


So why have public bodies and individuals ignored this growing segregation? The answer is simple. It's exactly the same reason as to why they ignored the numerous Muslim grooming-gangs and anti-white racism in the UK. That reason being that left-wing dogma demands that public bodies and individuals ignore such politically-inconvenient things. If anyone dared to publicise such problems, then that would have been labelled “racist”. And, as everyone knows, racism is the ultimate sin in our society. All other crimes pail into insignificance when compared to racism. And that's why so many other crimes have been allowed to happen. Indeed all this has happened in order to continue the endless opportunistic, cynical and masochistic fight against racism.

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