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Friday, 29 April 2016

Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah and Socialist Jew-Hatred

Hitler might have supported a Zionist state as an alternative to his own Final Solution. Don't forget that the Final Solution was never made public. Thus it's no surprise (if true) that Hitler, at one point, wanted all European Jews to go to the Middle East. However, he probably never really wanted this. Why? Because of his close relationship with many Islamists and Muslims in the Middle East. Primarily with the Mufti of Jerusalem (who was a close friend).

Why did Ken Livingstone feel the need to express this fact? Comparing Israelis with Nazis is, of course, a classic Leftist trope. In this case, a connection was made between Hitler and Zionism.

Yes, it's true, anti-Zionism and Jew-hatred aren't the same thing. However, the utterly mindless obsession with Israel and its actions can't come from anywhere else other than from a prior hatred of Jews.

Another way of putting this is that most “anti-Zionists” began life as Jew-haters. Their anti-Zionism rationalises their prior Jew-hatred. It's really that simple.

The obsession with Israel itself shows a prior hatred of Jews. Many Leftists know nothing of any other foreign issue... What do these protestors know about the violence in the Sudan, the Congo and so on? Why are their eyes always and only pointing at Israel? Why? Because Israel is a democratic and capitalist (with many anti-capitalists) country for Jews. And that's at the heart of “anti-Zionism”. Thus Marxist ideology and socialist racism fuse with Ken Livingstone and the anti-Zionists.

So in one breath, we are told that Hitler propagated the Zionist/Israel solution. In the next breath, Jewish behaviour in the Middle East is portrayed as evil incarnate. What now?

The Rev Left is itself racist in three ways:

       One) It is racist against all non-”progressive” whites... and even racist towards a minority of progressive whites (who must bathe in their "white guilt").

      Two) It is racist because it supports positive discrimination and positive/inverted racism.

    Three) It is against Israel because it thinks there is a fatal link (in that country) between Zionism/Jews, capitalism and imperialism – that explains the obsession with Israel... it's Jewish and democratic/capitalist nature.
On this count, the Labour Party is more racist than the BNP.

Jew-hatred is at the heart of European socialism. Internationalist Socialism took a position against “capitalist Jews” in the 1850s. Nazism partly grew out of this socialist tradition.

Jew-hatred was prevalent in the Soviet Union and all socialist sates. This fusion of racism and anti-capitalism has been part of socialism since the second half of the 19th century. Sure, I'm prepared to accept that Jew-hatred and anti-capitalism aren't necessarily linked. However, anti-Zionists almost uniformly start off as Nazis or as (International) Socialist Jew-haters.

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