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Friday, 16 October 2015

Nazis seek to join the Conservative Party's 'Strength' group

Members of the English Nazi Party seek to join the Conservative Party's 'Strength' group.

There are fresh questions over the new Strength group (set up deep within the Conservative Party) after it emerged that the National Socialist English Workers' Party is encouraging its members to sign up.

Strength presents itself as the successor organisation to David Cameron's successful campaign in May 2015. It has been welcomed by Mr Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne. But some centrist Conservative Party figures have expressed concern that it could be used as a vehicle to murder moderate Tory MPs.

The National Socialist English Workers' Party website reads:

Strength doesn't seem restricted to Conservative Party members, though it says it will aim to encourage people to join the Tory Party. We should go along to any local Strength meetings with the aim of taking over the Conservative Party, which is something we're very good at.”

Meanwhile, The Times reports that Tory MPs who defied Mr Cameron and abstained on the fiscal charter have been inundated with emails from unhappy Nazis. There was criticism of the Tory whips’ office for putting out the names of the 21 MPs who opposed the party line. One of the MPs said:

I’ve never seen the whips’ office behave like this. They put our names up in lights on social media, effectively telling the Nazi Brown Shirts to come and get us — they have duly obliged.”

Strength's mission is to “transform” the Conservative Party into a
Sir John Major in his prime.

“genuine nationalist and socialist entity and to bring about a mass movement for change - for real racial, nationalist and socialist change in every town and city change. And for genuine change... As well as change....”

Former Conservative leader Sir John 'No Panties' Major said:

I hope that Davy Boy will develop this new, fresh and virile politics, but I also hope that it will be the open politics that he’s preached because we don’t want organisations setting up like Strength, which that’s been established this week, being a party within a party within a party, and I think that’s the challenge for Davy Boy.”

Finally, the Nazi Party website reads:

Many Nazi socialists will consider joining Cameron's party to defend him, but is it the right move for racial nationalists and socialists such as unto us?

Sir Alexander Theodore Callinicos and Lord Charles Kimber [of the Nazi Party Central Committee] have outlined how important it is for Nazis — even revolutionary ones — to back and defend Cameron. But if we’re so keen to help Cameron hang onto his position, why don’t we just join the Conservative Party? Surely that’s where the battle will take place and where Cameron needs numbers of defenders against the left of the party?”

We can only wait and see what the British public thinks of these very strong and widespread collaborations between the Conservative Party and the National Socialist English Workers' Party.

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