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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Inside the (Far) Leftist's Mind

Love Humanity but hate people.”

A Leftist will tell you that his/her dogmatism and totalitarianism (though of course he won’t use those words), as well as his policies and actions (e.g., the “no platform” policy, violence, etc.), are vital because his very many enemies and as well as Das [capitalist] System itself are so all-embracing, omnipresent and evil that such dogmatism and violence are required. Accordingly the ends justify all manner of violent, cynical and unscrupulous means.
Martin Smith: former leader of the SWP & Unite Against Fascism

That’s why many Leftists use violence (from the small- to the large-scale), foam at the mouth and shout a lot. It expresses their foaming minds.

Psychologically speaking, it’s often the case that, as Bertrand Russell put it, "fanaticism is a camouflage for cruelty" and that "fanatics are seldom genuinely humane".

Again, just look into the face of your average Leftist and ask yourself this:

Is his heart bleeding for the poor and oppressed? Or is he simply foaming at the mouth about his enemies and because he desirous of their annihilation?

Think of the eroticised nature of so much “anti-Zionist” action and rhetoric (along with anti-Israel monomania). Therefore hate (for “Zionists”, “neo-liberals”, Nazifascistbigots!, “bankers”, “corporate bosses”, “Nazis”, “fascists”, “racists”, etc. ad infinitum) and not love (for the oppressed, the Palestinians, etc.) is the prime emotion of the zealous Leftist. He finds the hatred “of enemies easier and more intense than love of friends”, as Bertrand Russell (once again) put it.

Then there's the pure moral outrage of the righteous Left .

That’s another reason why so many Leftists foam at the mouth and why they accuse their very many enemies of being ‘racists’ (as well as being ‘fascists’, ‘fascist racists’, ‘racist racists’, ‘bigoted racists’, "racist bigots' and Nazifascistbigots!). They have the Truth and everyone else simply opposes the Truth. That Truth, in this case, wasn’t written by Mohammed, it was written by, say Chomsky, Marx, Lenin, or whoever. It’s just as firmly held by these Leftist puritans as it is by the straightforwardly religious.

Look into the face of those zealous little Leftists. The faces of puritan outrage against all those who dare fall outside their "tribe of independent minds". Leftists have the Truth in its purest form. Hence the facial contortions which are manifested during speeches and demonstrations. Their hate is pure and unadulterated.

And just as radical Muslims see the world in terms of a Manichean battle between the kuffar (evil) and Muslims (good), so too do many Leftists (good) believe that they're involved in a war against capitalism (evil). Consequently, just as militant Muslims say that all our problems will be solved when the entire world "belongs to Allah"; so Leftists believe that a pure and ubiquitous “socialism” (or even just a plain revolution) will solve all our problems.

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