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Friday, 19 December 2014

Hope Not Hate's Support of Human Rights... for Immigrants

Hah! The irony of Nick Lowles's Hope Not Hate grandstanding its support of human rights.

Isn't the freedom of speech one of the most fundamental of human rights? So why has this communist-led group been carrying out a relentless campaign against free speech?

This is what the leader of Hope Not Hate - Nick Lowles - has to say on the matter:

"Everything we do at HOPE not hate, every ounce of support we seek, is cemented by our faith in the universality of human rights."
It's interesting, of course, that Hope Not Hate focuses on the human rights of immigrants: in one case, on what it calls “domestic workers”. After all, they probably have brown and black skins, not the white skin of the (non-Leftist) working class it despises.

Hope Not Hate's image.

Here again, “human rights law" is simply a tool of the radical Left which is used to chip away at what they see as the “capitalist state”. Defending the human rights of, say, Tommy Robinson or any white (non-Leftist) person, on the other hand, simply wouldn't do the trick - would it, Nick? 

As the phrase has it, this is yet another example of Leftist “lawfare” against a state which doesn't follow the Trotskyist or communist Left's wishes to a T.

If Hope Not Hate had state power... or at least if a collectivist/socialist government it were happy with had state power, it would silence the following groups and individuals: UKip, the EDL, all patriot and nationalist groups, as well as those millions of people (usually white working class) it classes as “bigots”, “haters”, “racists”, “fascists”, “Nazis”, etc.

Yes, if Hope Not Hate had state power (it already has supporters/fellow travellers in the Opposition, in the law, local government, the Mirror, etc.), it would silence literally millions of British people.

Human rights? The Gulag more like!

These Hope Not Hate references to “human rights” are even more hilarious than its token references to Angie Choudary.

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