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Saturday, 1 November 2014

After the sexual-grooming scandal, South Yorkshire votes for another Labour Party Police Commissioner



Quite incredibly, despite the Labour Party’s responsibility for the anti-racism policies which led to over 1,400 young girls being abused and exploited by Muslim grooming-gangs in Rotherham, a Labour Party councillor (Dr Alan Billings) has been voted in as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

This outrageous result can be partly explained by the simple fact that the turnout for the vote was an incredibly low 14.88%. What’s even worse than that is that it was down from the 14:93% of 2012. Indeed the turnout at the ballot box was actually lower than that: 3.5%; with postal votes account for the remaining 11.7%. (A large proportion of the posting votes will have been by posted by Muslim voters; a smaller proportion of which would have been unlawful.)

Labour’s Dr Billing succeeded in getting over 50% of the votes. Ukip’s Jack Clarkson, who came second, received 32%. The Conservatives came in third and the English Democrats fourth.

Various things can account for this result. The primary one is (obviously) voter apathy. However, we need also to take into account the relatively large Muslim demographics in South Yorkshire and the fact that the majority of Muslims vote en bloc for the Labour Party. On top of that: the Labour Party would have harnessed Muslim votes in all sorts of ways, whether through its anti-UKip propaganda or by direct consultation with Muslims. (The Muslim population of Rotherham  increased by 78% between 2001 and 2011.)

The poll was held because of the resignation of Shaun Wright as a result of his responsibility for the massive Muslim child-abuse scandal in Rotherham.


Shaun Wight is also a Labour man. He was elected as Labour Party candidate for the job as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner on the 15th of November, 2012.

Shaun Wright was a Rotherham Labour councillor between 2005 and 2010. During that time he was in charge of Rotherham’s children’s services.

Mr Wright himself resigned on the 16th of September; though only after weeks in which many people in Rotherham and elsewhere put pressure on him to resign.


The Labour Party – or at last its anti-racism policies – was partly or even largely responsible for what happened in Rotherham. It’s also the case that Labour has controlled South Yorkshire for decades.

It’s not surprising, then, that Ukip has picked up on this reality. And as a political party, it is its responsibility to do so. So it’s a surprise that some commentators – including the BBC – have accused Ukip of “exploiting” the Muslim-grooming scandal. It’s not as if other parties wouldn’t don’t do exactly the same in different cases. In fact they did so in the Rotherham case too.

When the Labour Party (along with its Trotskyist fellow travellers in Unite Against Fascist-Socialist Workers Party) accused Ukip, the EDL, Britain First, etc. of exploiting the scandal in Rotherham, it too has exploited the scandal in the very act of accusing others of doing so. And just as Leftists and Labourites accused other political groups of “suddenly arriving in Rotherham”, so too did London-based UAF activists and Labour Party bigwigs suddenly start arriving in Rotherham after the scandal hit the news.

More specifically, by saying that the grooming scandal “has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims” (or with “ethnicity”), the extreme Left and the Labour Party were exploiting this issue for their own ends.

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