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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tommy Robinson's appearance at the Oxford Union 'cancelled'

Just as many people predicted, the fascist Left has got its way. EDL leader Tommy Robinson's appearance at the Oxford Union has been cancelled.

The Oxford Union has previously welcomed: an Islamist who supports terrorism, female genital mutilation and full sharia law in non-Muslim countries (Zakir Naik); a black racist, perpetrator of violence, misogynist and Islamic supremacist (Malcolm X); a mass killer, terrorist and corrupt politician (Yasser Arafat); and Gerry Adams. All have all been given a voice there. However, a person who has only been arrested on minor charges – most the result of politically correct intimidation – has been denied his voice.

Mr Robinson himself said that the Oxford Union has bowed to "threats of violence" from the Left. And that is almost certainly true because these people – UAF-SWP, Hope Not Hate, etc. – threatened violence should the Union allow free speech (something they hate with a passion – unless it's their own free speech) for Tommy Robinson.

The president of the Oxford Union, Parit Wacharasindhu, wrote an email to Mr Robinson informing him of the decision to cancel his appearance (just as he wrote an email, some months back, inviting him). This is what Parit Wacharasindhu wrote:

"Unfortunately, as we are a student society running on a budget based on student membership, we will be unable to cover the significant security costs that would be required to host you as a speaker."

Despite that, Parit still thinks the debate should have gone ahead had it not been for 'security concerns'. That is, he still defends the original decision to invite Tommy Robinson.

Back in July Parit also wrote:

"The Oxford Union is a debating society founded on the principle of free speech. It provides a neutral arena where political views can be aired so long as they are contested. No speakers are ever given a platform, nor are their views ever endorsed by the society or any of the individuals in it."

The President of the Oxford University Student Union, Tom Rutland, on the other hand, said that he was "delighted" the invitation had been withdrawn and also said it "should never have been issued in the first place".

Tom Rutland is a posh boy careerist of the first order. Everything he does is for career reasons. He knows he is destined to climb the greasy pole of politics because numerous other presidents of the Oxford University Student Union have done so before him. He knows that he will be a leading politician in either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party (I don't know or care which). Consequently, everything he does he does with that in mind. He may not even be a leftist automaton; he may have said what he's said about Tommy Robinson so as not to jeopardise his precious career. That's why he's come out with platitudes and inane soundbites about "fascists", "violent thugs" and the rest. These are issues he probably hasn't spent much time thinking about because they're not relevant to his future career.

So don't expect anything thoughtful from Tom. For example, try counting the clichés in this passage:

"Fascist speakers who spread hate and threats that extend to our students and the wider community, and often bring with them a rally of violent and dangerous thugs, are clearly a threat to the safety of students and other residents of the city."

Yes, you've got "spread hate", "thugs" and, of course, "fascist". These are other people's words. They are not Tom Rutland's words. He has allowed the fascist Left to do his thinking for him. But that doesn't matter because such parasitism on leftist theory and 'analysis' is useful for him. These are the words he must mouth in order to further his career.

The clichés continued. He called Tommy Robinson a "hate speaker" – again, neither Rutland's own phrase nor thought.

He also said that Tommy believes in "oppressing people because of their race, religion, gender and sexuality". Does he have even the slightest bit of evidence for any of that? Of course not. It's all leftist theory and pseudo-analysis. But, as I said, he may not be a Leftist (just a careerist) – so independent thought simply doesn't come into it.

And then he talks about "community leaders" speaking out against Tommy's visit. Is there no beginning to this man's talent? Who are these 'community leaders' anyway? I'll tell you. They are Muslims who set themselves up to speak for all other Muslims but have no right to do so. And that's usually because they've often mastered the best bits of the leftist lexicon in order to become 'community leaders' and speak for Muslims (just as leftist community leaders, or the 'vanguard', once claimed to speak for the working class).

I've also heard the phrase Tommy/ the EDL/ fascists "have no place in our city" countless times before. This is mindless and dangerous groupthink. There is not a trace of genuine or independent thought in a single line of what he says. It sounds as if he has literally memorised lines he has heard many times before. After all, he's an aspiring politician and future leader and that's what politicians do on a daily basis – memorise the party line.

What the far Left promised, or threatened, Oxford Union was another Brighton or Bolton had Tommy been allowed to speak there. Or as Tommy himself put it, the event "would have been just like Tower Hamlets". And he's right.

So when are these people going to recognize who the real fascists are? Or maybe they can't because these left fascists have both the loudest voices and the most political power in our universities. Yes, even in the hallowed University of Oxford.

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