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Thursday, 18 July 2013

White House Down

    “Roland Emmerich's drama comes when right-wing 'white nationalist' racists take over the White House because the President (Jamie Foxx) has made a peace deal with the Muslim nations. So the liberal President and the peace-loving Muslims are the heroes. And the terrorists are white racist groups who fear Islam for no good reason at all. We cannot simply become numb to this level of propaganda and let it pass.” -  John K. Press

    Just reading that synopsis makes me feel sick. The level of propaganda here is so blatant and clear that it  sounds like Hollywood has its own version of Berthold Brecht. Did CAIR (America’s Muslim Brotherhood; we have the Muslim Council of Britain in the UK. Gaza has Hamas.) write the script, direct and produce this film?

    A president making peace-deals with Muslim governments? Well, who could that be based on? Actually, Barack Obama goes one further. He supports Islamists groups before they gain power – such as the cannibals in Syria, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood before it gained power in Egypt and now he's going to be doing deals with the Taliban. If this man really wants to convince Americans he’s  not a Muslim, he really must try harder.

    Have you heard the one about ‘Christian terrorists’ that US Leftists and Muslims trot out? They refer specifically to Timothy McVeigh but also to the anti-abortionists in the US. Timothey McVeigh may have been a Christian, but he didn't commit his act of terrorism for Christianity or with the words of the New Testament on his lips - as Muslims do for Islam and with the words of the Koran on their lips. 

And the anti-abortionists have killed less than ten people since 1993! Can you believe that? Islam claims more lives than that every single day. Indeed Islam in Pakistan alone claims more lives than that every day. Then again, Hope Not Hate is still ranting on about Anders Breivik. If Islam had only one Breivik there wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Problem is, there are thousands of Muslim Breiviks doing jihad for Islam. Thousands! In addition, have the Leftists forgotten the long period of Leftist terrorism which stretched from the 1960s until the 1980s?

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