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Monday, 15 July 2013

Can the Conservative Party Be Critical of Islam?

What are the chances of that the Conservative Party, let alone the Labour Party, will respond to any of the negative aspects of Islam or offer us any criticisms of the many undesirable Islamic practices or behaviours?
To be blunt, all Conservative politicians, let alone leaders, will have very little room for manoeuvre on any Islamic issue. Let’s just face facts. Indeed I reckon that most Tory MPs and councillors will have faced these hard facts themselves. When it comes to Islam, and the four to five million Muslims in the UK, they won’t be stupid. Or at least they won’t be stupid in that they will know that upsetting Muslims will work against them. Nonetheless, they will be - and are – wilfully stupid when it comes to ignoring or downplaying the many threats that Islam throws in their own - and our - faces.
David Cameron with Baroness Warsi.
If Conservative MPs or councillors spoke out against Islam - in any way whatsoever! – they’d be immediately destroyed. Think here about what happens to Tory leaders or MPs when they question the received wisdom that immigration is an unremitting boon to the UK. Now magnify that negative reaction ten-fold and then you will have imagined what will happen if a Tory utters even a single word of criticism of Islam.
Any criticism of Islam is quite simply verboten in the Tory Party. It’s as simple as that.
That’s why our politicians and leaders – not just Tories – have systematically and absurdly attempted to disconnect the many and various outrages committed by Muslims (behaving as Muslims) from Islam itself. And all this despite the fact that the majority of Tories know next to nothing about Islam… Of course they know next to nothing about Islam! They are too busy furthering their own careers and increasing their own power to partake of the supreme irrelevance - to them! - that is Islamic theology or the history of Islam. The same goes for the hell Muslims are creating worldwide today - it's of no real concern to them. And when they do get Islam, it will be spoon-fed to them by their advisers and secretaries, or by the BBC’s 'Mo' Ansar, the Conservative Muslim Forum and Baroness Warsi.
If Tories were to criticise Islam in any way, there would be Muslim votes to consider. (Though only around 13% of Muslims vote for the Conservative Party.) There would also be a far worse and massive – and I mean massive! – backlash from the Left: from pressure groups, ‘rights’ groups, anti-racist groups, Trotskyist lawyers, The Guardian, The Independent, The New Statesman and God knows how many other groups and individuals. But, apart from that, Tory leaders would also face a backlash from their fellow Tories – and perhaps not only from the ‘wets’ or ‘liberals’. The Ken Clarkes of the Tory Party would be outraged and would write articles for The Times and appear on Newsnight. And Cameron, too, would be very angry. In fact I believe that the backlash Tories would receive (for ‘Islamophobia’) from fellow Tories and the Leftist usual suspects would be far worse than from Muslims or even from potential Tory Muslim voters.
So let’s face facts again. No Tory leader, and perhaps no Tory MP, is going to speak out against Islam any time soon. And probably not in the next five or more years. That’s just as near as being a fact as any political reality can be. However, I’m very sure that will change. Tories will very quickly jump on the counter-jihad and even patriot bandwagon when, and only when, we are heading towards civil conflict or even civil war. You know; the kind of thing that’s happening between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Philippines, Thailand, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Burma, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kashmir, India, Indonesia, the Sudan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania, Cyprus and so on. Indeed the kind of thing that happening, if to a far lesser degree, in Oslo, Stockholm, parts of Paris, Blackburn, Bradford, Keighley, Alum Rock, etc.. By then, of course, it will be too late and the Tories will no longer be trusted on these issues (that's if they ever were) anyway.
And even when some Tory leaders finally do get around to actually reading the Koran for themselves (not care-of Baroness Warsi or the Conservative Muslim Forum), or studying the life of Muhammad, or even contemplating the 1,400-year-old jihad against the kuffar, they would still remain silent both today and in the near future. That’s the reality we have today. That is the Islamophile Conservative Party we have today.

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