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Saturday, 22 June 2013

‘EDL News’ Supports the IRA, PLO & Hamas

… but not a tiny bit of mild street-fighting from the EDL or other ‘far right’ groups. 

Still, they’ve got their priorities right:

A few fist fights on the streets of the UK are bad & 'fascist': bombing infant schools in Israel is OK & part of the 'liberation struggle'.

That image above is from the ‘EDL News’ (anti-EDL) Facebook page, run by Gary Fieness Hastings or Gary/Alan Moon.

Here you see the collaboration between the largely Marxist IRA and the PLO in the old days (from the 1960s until the 1990s – before Hamas got in on the act).

Now Leftists have a penchant for Hamas and Hezbollah violence, killing and despotism instead of PLO killing, violence and despotism.

You see, when the Brown Exotic kills, is misogynist, imperialist, even racist, it's not a bad thing to white,  middle-class Leftists. It's only bad when the English white working class do these things (or when 'capitalists' and Israel do so). You see, the Brown Exotic, or Muslims generally, are children without free will or conscience to these people. Thus white middle-class Leftist allows the Brown Exotic (Muslim) to do all manner of things they wouldn’t allow white people to do – especially not the white (non-Leftist) working class. Such is the purity and piety of this Leftist condescension of Muslims; especially Arab ones.

Leftist positive racism must be 'smashed' (as Leftists often put it)!

Racism is racism, whether positive or inverted racism; or indeed the new snobby and now acceptable Leftist racism against the white (non-Leftist) working class.
Lauren Booth getting excited and choosing a Muslim husband.
And isn't IRA and Hamas violence so sexy, exotic and 'hard' (see image)? That’s probably partly what appeals to Lauren Booth (see image right) and Yvonne Ridley. The white English male has been emasculated by this very same middle-class Left. But not so the Arab Muslim male. Hence the appeal of the Brown Exotic male to once Leftist female members of the English middle-class.

Eh, Leftists - what do you reckon?

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  1. The problem I have with your entire post is you blather on about "racism" as if you're making a point. The only good ideal is one that maintains ethnic identity, which also means ancestry. You're trying to say this is a bad thing, which is why you'll never have an English Britain.

    Why can't you simply say, "English Britain is the only Britain!"?

    You're trying to champion lofty principles by pretending that people don't exist. England was made by the English. I should be surprised to see ANY non-English in England. You can't seem to make this connection because you're so indoctrinated you can't stop chanting "racism". You can't seem to figure out that India is for the Indian people yet somehow it's "racist" to say that England is for the English.

    You'll never have a nation if you don't believe you exist.