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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Woolwich Murder: the Clichés & Soundbites Arrive

Yes! Just as we all expected! All the predicable things that could be said are being said. All the clichés about ‘communities sticking together’ and that these killers ‘don’t represent Islam” (even from Cameron). And I heard a Sikh from London defend himself because he thought he may be the victim of revenge attacks.

But we’re not talking about ‘communities’.
We’re talking about Islam and Muslims.
We’re not talking about Sikhs, Hindus, blacks or people with yellow or purple skin.
We’re talking about Muslims and Islam.
We aren’t talking about ‘blacks and whites uniting'.
We’re talking about Islam and Muslims.
We aren’t talking about racism or anti-racism.
We’re talking about Islam and Muslims.

It really is that simple.

How many times do people have to say all this?

So is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) only really condemning the bad publicity this murder has gained? Does it also condemn the political and religious (Islamic) reasons for the attack? Does it sympathise with the killer’s anger if not with his mode of action?

And how does the MCB’s condemnation actually show itself? By talking to the BBC and The Guardian only? By talking to members of the interfaith movement? Nonetheless, what will the MCB be saying to its Muslims when the cameras are out of view? Will they rationalise and justify the killer’s actions or we they simply not condemn what has happened when there are no non-Muslims around to hear such condemnations? (One of the leaders of the MCB is on record of calling Osama Bin Laden a “hero”.)

The MCB says that the action “has no basis in Islam”. Everyone knows that’s blatantly false – even some Leftists know it. Islam has been carrying out a jihad for 1,400 years – way before Afghanistan or any “drone attacks”. (Only around 2000 Muslims have died through Western drone attacks since 2002 – that’s less than die in the Global Jihad every month.) Still today, in numerous countries in which there are Muslims, there is daily Islamic violence against non-Muslims. Just the other days Muslim rioted in Sweden. At this very moment Christians are being persecuted on a massive scale in Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria and in many other Muslim countries.

Yet here, where Muslims aren’t the majority, British Muslims claim to be vastly different to their fellow religionists all over the world. Isn’t that a bit odd? Isn’t that a bit of a remarkable coincidence? Has this massive disparity between British Muslims and all the other millions of Muslims in the world got something – a lot! – to do with the fact that they are a minority here in the UK? Has it got something to do with the fact that they don’t – yet! - have enough political power to carry out either jihad or Islamisation?

Why should our Muslims be so different to millions of other Muslims? Is it because *they have no choice*, on the whole, but to be different - here and now? Their numbers and lack of political power means that they must often pretend to be different… until the time comes, in the not too distant future, when they can behave just like millions of Muslims behave everywhere else in the Muslim world.

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