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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Facebook’s Red Fascists Get All Opposition Banned

Facebook Leftists, the ones I’ve only just posted about, have got me banned from Facebook again. That’s strange because I said that one of their many totalitarian tactics was to get people banned from Facebook (by reporting them in some way). And that’s what they did. They have proved my right.

Hope Not Hate, which these people support, once believed in a “no platform policy” which denied the people they disagreed with the right of free speech. Hope Not Hate now claims not to uphold the No Platform Policy. For a start, that demonstrates that they once did support a No Platform Policy; which is intrinsically totalitarian in the simple sense that laws already exist which prohibit the propagation of violence, etc. The NPP, therefore, was more about stopping people expressing the wrong views – not about stopping people encouraging violence. In any case, I personally don’t believe in banning Islamists either; as long as they don’t propagate violence. (E.g., as that Muslim at Manchester University did – the one who said, in the Student Union, that she would personally kill gays in a sharia state in the UK.)

In addition, Hope Not Hate only dropped the NPP because of the intense criticism it got from all quarters – from both right and left. In other words, they had to drop it. They still believe in it but, nevertheless, they had to drop it. Now they must use other ways of silencing opposition; such as getting Facebook to ban people.

I suggest that the admin of this page ("We Know How You Feel about Your So-Called Prophet"  - in which these Leftists work) should fight fire with fire. You cannot appease the people who appease Islamists and extreme Islam. You cannot appease those who are themselves extreme.

They have already got Facebook to ban many other people on the page. They will not stop until the entire opposition is silenced. That's why Esther Angel, Gilly Levett-Carpenter (image right) and Gary Hastings all belong to Islamist hacking groups. These people will do anything to silence people. They are red fascists.

Fascists cannot be appeased. Again, I would suggest to the admin that these people should be banned.
That may sound like a self-contradiction or hypocrisy. But surely one good reason to ban people is that these people are systematically trying to get all opponents banned. Sometimes in order to secure free speech you need to take action against the enemies of free speech. In this case; the hackers and banners on this Facebook page.

In addition, I suggest that all patriots on this page, and elsewhere, report these people to Facebook for supporting extreme Islamic sites, hacking sites, pro-terrorism sites, sites which use violent imagery, etc.

*) The main reason (there are many others) why I know that it was the Leftists on this page who reported me to Facebook is simple. The image reported (see right), is an ancient post. These suckers must have scrolled through my entire page to find it. No one else could have possibly stumbled across it. It’s about four months old at the least.

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