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Friday, 10 May 2013

Debates on Islam (1)

Are All Non-Muslim Supporters of Islam and Muslims Leftists?

Sarah Bailey: I'm not a member of any hip leftist group. Maybe I need to get in with da crowd or somesuch?

Sarah Bailey: There is the assumption that anyone who disagrees with the EDL or right wing politics in general is a member of the UAF/HnH/SWP or is a 'Commie'.

You don’t need to assume that the unquestioning supporters of Islam and Muslims belong to any Leftist group. That doesn’t matter. The very fact that they support Islam and Muslims no matter what shows that they have been influenced by Leftist ideas. Without those Leftist ideas that support wouldn’t be as total.

For example, because the Left has spun the ideological lie that all criticism of Islam - or the behaviour of Muslims - must be racist and/or fascist many people, who are not usually or really Leftists, have swallowed this. That’s because the Left is big on “theory” – they look “behind appearances”. This is hardly a theory in its true sense. It’s more a soundbite. Still, it works as a theory even though the average leftist cannot go beyond his thought that all criticism of Islam is racist and/or fascist. On this Facebook page (“We Know How You Feelabout Your So-Called Prophet”) it never gets beyond that most basic assumption.

In this case the person I said was a Leftist just happens to be a Leftist. I was talking about the Reverend Ray Gaston.  He attempted, at one time, to run for the Respect party. That's just a fact. Check it out. I wasn’t “assuming” anything. She was assuming that I don't know about this particular man. That was her problem, not mine.

Sarah Bailey: The vast majority of people on this page who support the EDL/anti-Islamic ethos think that those who disagree with them are members of aforementioned groups.

No critic of Islam, even a member of the EDL, needs to account for the actions or beliefs of every single member of the EDL. That's not expected of any other group or party so why should it apply to the EDL? An EDL member only needs to account to the EDL leadership and the EDL’s published positions.

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