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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Teachers’ Union of Ireland singled out Israel: ignored N Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan…

Just recently, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland has adopted a resolution in support of an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, which, of course, the union called an “apartheid state.” Strange. Virtually every Muslim/Islamic state is a true apartheid state because the second-class status of all its non-Muslim subjects, the dhimmis, is built into Islam or sharia law. Sometimes that apartheid is explicit, as in Saudi Arabia, and sometimes not so explicit, as in Gaza and the West Bank (ironically).

The motion, passed unanimously on April 4 during the union’s annual congress, calls for “all members to cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel, including the exchange of scientists, students and academic personalities, as well as all cooperation in research programs,” according to a report on the website of the Center for Research of Globalization. Quite clearly, such an extensive and disproportionate “boycott”, which in its own racist way singles out all Israelis even if they are utterly non-political, is not an attempt to teach Israel a lesson, or express the West’s outrage at it behaviour – it’s specifically and only designed to (eventually) end Israel’s existence – as many of these Leftist fans of a boycott have often freely admitted.

Are these trade unionists doing the same about North Korea (ready to throw a nuclear bomb at the world), China (utterly undemocratic), the Sudan (slaughterer of over two million animists and Christians), Iran (killer of gays, apostates, blasphemers), Saudi Arabia (ethnically cleansed of all Jews and which forces all non-Muslims to drive on different sides of the road), Somalia (the world capital of enforced female genital mutilation), Pakistan (funder and of world terrorism and persecutor of Christians), etc? Of course not. Because these states are not states for Jews!

And they are not "capitalist democracies" either - and leftist teachers tend to hate both democracy and capitalism too.

And don't be fooled. Not all teachers are leftist - of course not! But the major teaching unions, as in England, are nearly all run by fanatical Trotskyists/Leftists because only these fanatics will put in the time. Only they are prepared to rant and rant until the cows come home. And when they do that, other delegates give in out of boredom. That's what Trotskyists do. They are obsessive and especially monomaniacal about Israel (again, because it’s Jewish, democratic and capitalist).

The prime imperative of these Irish trade unionists is, as directed by the Marxist Antonio Gramsci, to "take over the institutions" - including teachers’ unions!

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