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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sweden brings in “gender-neutral changing rooms” + more Islamisation

Soedra Latins upper secondary school in Sodermalm, Stockholm has just announced that it is bringing in Sweden's first “gender-neutral changing rooms” after it was proposed by the students' union council. This is an effort to “discourage gender stereotypes”.

Students' union member, Camille Trombetti, says the changing room is not only 'for transsexual' students. Any student who wants privacy when changing for school activities but doesn't want to feel constrained by traditional gender norms can use it.

I don’t get it! Then again, as per usual, the words “discourage gender stereotypes” may only be a PC soundbite that, like so many other Leftist soundbites, sounds good but means… nothing

How does having the same changing room do anything about gender stereotypes?

What seems to be happening here is that the very recognition of gender differences is itself seen as an act of accepting “gender stereotypes”. But how can that be? The genders just are different. That’s just a biological fact. Do I need to spell it out? Consequently we have the Swedish being absurdly PC:

gender differences = gender stereotypes

So the Swedes have introduced “gender-neutral changing rooms”… but not, of course, for any of their Islamic/Muslim schools; some of which are also state-funded. Of course Sweden’s Muslims are allowed to be utterly un-PC; just as they are allowed to be misogynist, racist, violent, praise terrorism, indulge in enforced genital mutilation and whatnot. Just as Sweden's Muslims are largely – exclusively? - responsible for the worst rape crisis in Sweden’s history. On one count, up to 99% of all rapes in Sweden are carried out by Muslims. The situation is of course worse in the major cities such as Malmo.
Soedra Latins upper secondary school in Sodermalm, Stockholm

On the one hand the Swedish state, and some Swedish people, are enforcing extreme examples of Leftism and political correctness; and on the other hand they are allowing an Islamisation of their society which will, in turn, eventually destroy all those PC enforcements and all that mindless Leftism. That is, the Left-Liberal PC state imposes itself on all Swedish non-Muslim or whites; but at the very same time also allows its Muslims to rape on a massive scale and bring about a sharia society which bears a strong resemble to the Arabia on the 8 or 9th century.

In other words, the Swedish state is being utterly hypocritical and indeed racist. It is racist because it has one law and one set of standards for whites (or non-Muslims), and another for browns (or Muslims).

The Swedes are so politically correct and yet they are enabling - on a massive scale and in a suicidal manner - the most reactionary, misogynist, violent and hateful ideology of all time - Islam.

And all because Muslims are brown/black and therefore they simply must be “oppressed” (by someone…. somewhere…. somewhen); as well as be the victims of a largely non-existent racism. Pass the sick bag please.

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