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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Leftist/Nazi Conspiracy Theorists Project Their Vices Onto Others (2)

A wall mural in a Muslim ghetto in the Tower Hamlets district of London. See how the imagery will appeal to both Leftists and National Socialists; as well as to Islamists – all totalitarian groups!

Psychological Projection, from Wikipedia:

“Psychological projection was first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud as a defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own negative attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting faults onto others. The original idea was that projection would allow for reduced anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.”

(My note: “Psychological projection” is often seen as an exclusively Freudian concept. It’s not. It can be found in Western writings/thought dating back to the ancient Greeks and non-Western cultures have noted it too. Incidentally, my favourite example of psychological projection is the very common, and often-noted, phenomenon of the virulent and vocal anti-gay who turns out to be gay. In a slightly different sense, we also have the “self-hating Jew”.

In addition, the people I have accused of being psychological projectors would probably accept that it exists because virtually everyone else does accept the phenomenon in its broad form. What they won’t accept, of course, is that it is they who are the psychological projectors and they won’t accept my analysis of them either.)
Why did Hitler see conspiracies everywhere? Because he too was a fantastic conspiracist! He conspired continuously from, say, 1919 until his death in 1945. (Many conspiracy theorists, of course, claim that he did not die in 1945 and that he now lives in a care-home in Bournemouth.) In other words, to use a word from psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, he projected his own psychological and behavioural traits onto other people.

The very same point applies to other conspiracy theorist individuals and groups; both left and right. For example, because Trotskyists are incredible conspiratorialists (or infiltrators, “entryists” and people who believe firmly that their political aims must be achieved “by any means necessary”), they see that very same mentality and (hidden) behaviours in all their opponents and political enemies.

But leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists don’t just project their conspiratorial psychologies and behaviours, they project their totalitarian beliefs and behaviours. And they also project their tendency to see the world in extreme black-and-white, absolutist and simplistic terms.

Specifically, leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists cannot even conceive the possibility that their enemies and/or opponents are different to what they are. They cannot believe they aren’t as absolutist as they are. They can’t believe they are not as totalitarian as they are (even if their enemy’s totalitarianism is hidden). Basically, all the enemies of Leftists and National Socialists simply must be conspiring against “the People”; they must have totalitarian dreams and they must also have black-and-white or absolutist views. Why? Again: because these are the views of the leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists themselves.

Of course some of their opponents and/or enemies will be like that! But certainly not all of them! This effectively means that National Socialist and Leftist conspiracy theorists completely discount the possibility that some of their enemies and/or opponents are just misguided or incompetent. (Clearly they discount that they are telling the truth or behaving correctly.) Everything the Enemy does, they do for reasons of conspiracy. They certainly don’t do it for reasons of realpolitik, practicality or sheer stupidity.

But far more importantly than all that. These leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists believe that all their enemies and opponents – and I mean all! – are evil! This does not mean that they use such an old-fashioned and religious word to designate their opponents and enemies. Of course not. Leftists, especially, are not keen on the word “evil” for essentially Marxist or Leftist reasons. (Though some Leftists do, at times, use that word.) That doesn’t matter because that’s what they think anyway of their opponents and enemies. They think they are evil. (There is a disguised and unspoken morality underneath Leftism; just as there is with Leftist Utopianism – which was banned as a word, but not as a dream and an implied promise, from Marxism by Marx himself.) And if all these enemies and opponents are evil, then there can’t be any room in their politics - or even in lives - for accidents or cock-ups. Either evil political opponents and enemies don’t have accidents or cock things up; or nothing these evil people do is ever seen as an accident or a cock-up by leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists.

… but wait! If I’ve just claimed that these Leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists project their conspiratorial and totalitarian beliefs and behaviours onto others, then maybe they project their evilness onto others too! That is, because most National Socialist and Leftist conspiracy theorists (in fact just plain Nazis and Leftists regardless of being conspiracy theorists) are evil, then it’s not a surprise that they see others as being evil-just-like-them. (OK. The word “evil” is strong and even slightly embarrassing. What about saying that these Leftist and Nazis are nasty people who are primarily motivated by hate and their dream of future violence and who simply rationalise or tart up their nastiness, all-encompassing hate and violence with “a bit of politics”?)

In the end, then, Leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists cannot help but see conspiracies being engaged in by all manner of evil people. They cannot help but see these evil Jews, or Freemasons, or bankers, or neo-cons, or neo-liberals, or the oil lobby, or the Zionist Lobby, as attempting to rule the world because many of these very same conspiracy theorists are, well, evil people who would like to rule the world! They are just mightily pissed off that it’s others – not them! - who are either ruling the world or attempting to rule the world.

What all this also shows is the way you can move from individuals (or groups) to the behaviour and beliefs of states. For example, all totalitarian governments, from fascist Italy, Soviet Russia, Cuba to the many Arab and Muslim states (I’ve already mentioned the Nazis), have been conspiracist in nature. More relevantly, they have both used and relied on various and many conspiracy theories in order to explain, justify and rationalise their actions to their subjects and possibly to themselves too. Of course, non-totalitarian states, such as the United States, have also done this. But with totalitarians states it is, as they say nowadays, “systemic”. That is, just as conspiracy theories and totalitarianism go together when it comes to individuals and groups; so too with totalitarian states. Just as it is convenient - in so many ways - for individual National Socialists and Leftists to whip up fear towards various groups (say, the “far right” and “Zionists” in the Leftists' case and Jews and, ummm, “Zionists” in the Nazis' case), so the same is true of totalitarian states. What better way to suppress dissent and unite your subjects? Similarly in the case of individuals and groups, what better to unite and focus both your own hate and that of your fellows than by using conspiracy theories about nefarious groups?


Bad Alex:  Every single thing you've written here, can be directly applied to your view on Muslims

Bad Alex:  Did you ah...miss that somehow? 

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Really? People have already said that to me on other occasions. There's a massive difference. It's not a conspiracy theory that at least fifty people die each day in the Global Jihad - killed by people who explain their killings by reference to the Koran, etc. There's no conspiracy there. No hidden meetings. No secret documents. Muslims state what they believe and they act on it. NOTHING IS HIDDEN - as Wittgenstein once put it. Nothing I say about depends on conspiracy or on Hidden Forces - nothing!... I don't have my own Muslim version of the Protocol of the Elders of Zion. I have the REAL Koran. I don't have my own Muslim version of the Muslim Brotherhood 'conspiring" secretly - I have their own words and their own actions... So, no, I didn't miss it.

Bad Alex: Consider: perhaps, the possibility, that the evidence for what they're saying is equally as solid.

Where is their conspiracy theory?

The bank bailouts robbing the common populace of trillions world wide?

The theft of national infrastructure?

Bechtel in Bolivia? Shell in Nigeria? Nestle in Africa and South America?

People who complain about corporate and banking influence on the world, are probably looking at you in the same way that you look at people who think you're making this stuff up.

They probably gnash their teeth in frustration and say "You REALLY think Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? SERIOUSLY?"

You're failing to look at what you do, and what they do.

I have no doubt that somewhere along the line you've reported something, somewhere, that wasn't true. You didn't look too hard because it was so similar to so many real events that you just accepted it.

The same principle applies here.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: You have concentrated on bankers, as you have done previously. I hardly mention bankers in that post. (I mention that conspiracy theorists talk about them – but they often contradict each other about the bankers; depending on if they are right-wing or left-wing.) Also, I don’t deny that bankers do wrong. But I doubt the conspiracy theories about bankers’ conspiracies to take over the world or to do X, Y or Z. Of course it’s not a conspiracy to say that Shell did a bad thing to X in 19? But what’s that got to do with conspiracies? That banks or companies acting badly – if that’s what they’re doing.

“The bank bailouts robbing the common populace of trillions worldwide?”

If that’s true, is it necessarily a conspiracy when many people are aware of how banks work? If the banks were bailed out by governments, where’s the conspiracy? The governments bailed them out without a need for any conspiracy. That may be a bad thing but it’s not relevant to anything in the post. You’re telling me how bad the banks are. Fair enough. But what’s the point about conspiracies and conspiracy theories you’re making? How can it be a conspiracy when even right-wing newspapers have been critical of this?

You have posted about your hatred for the global economic situation and missed the central points of my posts. I even say in the post that the United States has conspired on various occasions. Instead of telling me how bad the banks are and how much you hate them, comment on what I actually say in the post otherwise I don’t see the point of a comment on a post if it’s not, uh, a comment on the post.

Bad Alex: My point was, bankers, multi-nationals, they're real, they do conspire.

Multinationals are a very real, and very extreme threat and that's no conspiracy, that's just how things are.

Take a look around.

It's not hard to see.

How much does it matter what you call it?

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: I don't understand that last sentence... I posted yesterday on real conspiracies. My points are about the theories that don't rely on evidence - they rely on Unseen Forces. So if you have evidence, however indirect, about bad banks and bad multinationals, it's not a conspiracy theory. And if it's not a conspiracy theory, it may be true. Either way, it has nothing to do with the post... If McDonald's, or whoever it was, managed to kick 20,000 Brazilian rain-foresters off their land, then that's a fact. In fact, it is a fact. They lived there. The government got its security forces to move in. And they kicked them off their land. (I'm not sure if it was Brazil.) But where's the conspiracy? Or, more correctly, why is there a need for a conspiracy theory when it's clear what happened? There can be political debate as to the rights and wrongs of what happened. But the conspiracy theorists, the ones I have talked about, won't have anything new or interesting to say about this. Therefore it's not relevant to my post... If you are really saying that I should really be writing stuff about how bad the banks and multinationals are, and not about conspiracy theorists, then I will consider your point. But, then again, maybe I should be writing on trams.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: What makes you think I thought Iraq had WMDs? Do you honestly think I'm denying that Western governments conspire? In any case, I say as much in the post.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Some counter-jihadists may indulge in conspiracy theories about Muslims and Islamists but I would say that THEY DON'T NEED TO! Look around you. Everything the Leftists and Nazis say about the Jews, Freemasons, etc. relies on stuff that is not proven or generally-accepted. No one outside the Islamists and Nazis accepts that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is NOT an obvious fraud. Why would I need a fake something when I've read Sayyid Qutb's own works which are still quoted by Muslims? Why do I need to believe in secret Muslim groups and secret Muslim activity when most of it is there to see? Even the members of CAIR are on record of saying they want to take over the institutions - in their own words. They haven't even denied those words. They exist if you look for them. Are there any videos of Jews, bankers, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc., saying they want to take things over or control the world? They may well want that - but there is no evidence... Similarly, Medhi Hasan can be seen on a YouTube video calling all infidels "ignorant" and "cattle". There is no equivalent to this when it comes to the Jews or even to the Zionists. That's where the conspiracy theories come in. There wouldn't be a need for a theory if they had evidence such as those videos, or those books, etc. Even conspiracy theorists must admit that their views are not based on direct evidence. Hence the THEORY.

English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: Which parts of what I say about Muslims is conspiracy theory, Bad Alex? Thinking they carried out 9/11? Thinking that those Channel 4 videos of many imams in British mosques spouting jihad and hatred are real and not fake? Where, exactly, is the conspiracy?

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