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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Leftist/Nazi Conspiracy Theorists on Reality & Appearance (3)

The strange thing about conspiracy theorists, including those on the (far) right, is that they appear to have tapped into a Marxist – or at least quasi-Marxist – view of both history and society/politics. Marx told us, in a big way, that both history and politics are not essentially about ideas and certainly not about “great leaders”; they are primarily, or even solely, about Unseen Forces – in his case, economics and the class underpinnings of society and history. Of course economics production, exchange and relations can indeed be *seen* – but what can’t be seen are the economic processes which Marx believed causally affected the society’s ideas, ideologies and even its religion/s.

This is a distinction between what Marxists could see and what the rest of us couldn’t see. It was a classical trope of philosophy but in a new guise. That is, the great distinction between “reality and appearance” so favoured by philosophers as varied as Plato, Descartes and, of course, Marx’s very own Hegel.

National Socialist conspiracy theorists have seemingly dispensed with the Marx’s own reality-appearance paradigm. Instead of economic factors being the Unseen Forces, Nazi conspiracy theorists will substitute their own Unseen Forces at work. However, what the National Socialist conspiracy theorists still see, just like Marxists, is also often economic and even class-based. They too talk about banking conspiracies (run by Jews), the elite power of multinationals (run by Jews), and how money (Jewish money) affects sociological reality and even what people believe. So although the National Socialists have their own take on what is essentially a Marxist paradigm, it’s still largely founded on a Marxist “substructure” which includes economic reality and what that reality causally entails. So, instead of concentrating on the “bourgeois” and “capitalists”, as Marx himself did, National Socialists may concentrate on Jews or Freemasons or the (Jewish) bankers or the Illuminati. In fact, the variables I have chosen are often fused by Nationalist Socialists it that the Jews, Freemasons, and the Illuminati, etc. are often actually deemed to work in union – with the Jews, of course, on the top of the pyramid.  Thus this makes the National Socialist Unseen-Forces paradigm even neater and easier to digest, intellectually speaking. That is, the essential complexity of the world, with it innumerable variables all working in innumerable combinations, is made simpler simply by taking out so many of the variables.

Leftists, of course, don’t dispense with the Marxist appearance-reality paradigm… or not entirely. That is, because Marx was primarily an economist, and secondarily an historian (he was neither an economist nor a historian, strictly speaking, academically or professionally), he concentrated on economics and the force of economics on history. Contemporary Marxists, or contemporary Leftists, on the other hand, largely concentrate instead on the Marx’s “superstructure”. Instead of analysing the the economy in pedantic detail, as Marx did, many will focus instead on political parties, “superstructural” ideas and ideologies, the behaviour of bankers/politicians, etc. All this is still determined by the Unseen Forces of Marx’s economic reality; but that Superstructure nevertheless exists and can be “critiqued”. But in terms of Superstructural Marxist conspiracy theories, they will include stories about bankers conspiring together, or Zionists conspiring together, or oil magnates conspiring together; or, even, bankers and Zionists and oil magnates all conspiring together (to make the Unseen-Forces paradigm even neater and easier to digest intellectually).

Thus, by distinguishing reality from appearance, or Truth-with-a-capital-T from falsehood, Leftist and National Socialist conspiracy theorists appear to be the political duplicates of all those religious sects who have unique access to Truth and to much else. They too are cultish, freakish, often hate-filled towards all outsiders, and they want to fundamentally change the world in a Khmer Rouge Year-Zero-style. And, of course, the only way you can find Reality and say goodbye to appearance, or discover Truth, is by joining the religious sect, or the English National Socialist Party, or the SWP-UAF.


    Bad Alex: Banks do conspire together. That's reality. Just look at how many Wall Street Lobbysist are involved with the current American administration and the growing paradigm of 'austerity' measures whereby the banks get everything and the people get fucked over completely.

    Oil companies do conspire together. Admittedly, sometimes competing, sometimes not, as do oil producing nations.

    That's what OPEC is all about.

    While they may be wrong about the scope of 'Zionists', actual Zionists in the sense of the word that they use do exist and they do conspire together. One of the reasons there is a fairly strong anti-Zionist movement amongst the Jewish community is that not everyone agrees with the way Zionists go about things.

    Bankers and oil companies conspiring together is not much of a stretch given the amount of money involved, and what is clear beyond all shadow of a that this behaviour does not benefit the people and most definitely is leading to the degradation and destruction of western societies in ways that are barely mentioned at all.

    The 'big four' of pharmaceutical, military-industrial, agricultural and petro-chemical involved with the banking sectors is...horrific when you look at what is actually happening.

    It's real, it's worse than people think...and if people get the labels wrong...well.

    I wonder who supplied them with the labels in the first place.
        English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: I don't understand. I have said about six times in my posts that people conspire - including banks, governments, etc. And I've said it about four times in my replies to you. Until you focus specifically on what I post, I don't know how to respond... You are using my posts as a vehicle to tell me about the behaviour of multinationals and now Zionists. If this concerns you, write an article or post on that. What I am focusing on is the specific nature of far-left/Nazi conspiracy theorists and theories that appear to have very little content and make claims about unseen forces at work. And all you've done again is give a list of multinational crimes, etc. How could I deny that people conspire together because another word for "conspire" is simply "organise" or "unite"? So, again, quote what I actually write and tell me what you find wrong with it. I may as well respond to your own comment by talking about anti-capitalists conspiring together to spread theories about multinationals conspiring together.

        English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: In the loose way in which you’re using the word “conspire” – everyone and everything institution conspires in some way. So what? What’s that got to do with what I’ve posted? How could you possibly think I don’t think banks don’t conspire, or unite, or cooperate? My post was about the reality-appearance paradigm which conspiracy theorists rely one or use. Or didn’t you notice that? If you want me to write on the bad behaviour of banks, that’s a different issue entirely.
        English Defence League Extra (EDL) [page & blog]: It depends, again, on what is said about the banks or Zionists. I've already said that before. When various banks get together to fix interest rates and thus make more money from "the people" - that's obvious. Nazis and Leftists say much more than stuff like that. Nazis say that Jewish-owned banks get together and run the government directly and start wars and have secret meetings which select world leaders, etc. This could happen, of course. But because it’s a theory in most cases, what's to stop a rival conspiracy theorists saying that it is environmentalists, or concerned anti-capitalists, or lobsters from Mars, who are really getting together to do all these dastardly things? If there is no direct or even indirect evidence, there is no way to choose between the leftist conspiracy theory and the Nazi conspiracy theory. All the other conspiracy events are pretty much out in the open and I have no problem with them. It's when they go beyond the evidence, and often start WITHOUT evidence, that I have a problem... The conspiracy theories are often just TOO SIMPLE and SUSPICIOUSLY SIMPLE - it's as if they designed that way to ease minds and affect political action. The simpler the story is, the easier it is to agitate the people against the State, or the Jews, or whatever.

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