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Thursday, 7 March 2013

I am a Racist, Ignorant Prick

Nik Jagger: "Sorry, but your a racist ignorant prick who's got a lot of facts of the Internet to sound clever in your responses, well your not clever, your a fascist, just as bad as any oppressor, be it from the Taliban or the 3rd Reich. Anyone that hates and generalises as much as you do must be stupid because how can all the Muslims in the world all be the same? That's like saying all Christians are paedophiles because there have been lots of cases of child abuse in the Catholic Church. There are extremists and arseholes within every group in society, you are one of them!"

Where do you get your facts from? At least you admit they are facts. What does it matter where I get my facts from as long as they are facts? What does it mean to “sound clever” anyway? Counter-jihadists can’t win. We are either called “uneducated knuckle draggers” or that we are trying to “sound clever”. That pretty much sounds like you are your type are ignoring the arguments we offer and are reverting to personal insults instead.

Nik, define "fascist" if you can. “Fascist” isn’t synonymous with “racist”. Some fascists weren’t racists and some racists aren’t fascists.

"Racist! Fascist! Nazi! Bigot! Zionist! Neo-con! Working-class white person!..."
Why am I a 'racist', exactly?

You too generalise. You generalise from your nice Muslim boyfriend to all Muslims being like him. You generalise about me. And you generalise about people who are against militant Islam and Islamism. Also, in what sense is your boyfriend a Muslim? Do you mean he was brought up a Muslim and lived in a Muslim family or that he is a practising Muslim who endorses the entire Koran – as all Muslims must do?

Nothing in the texts of the Christian or Catholic Church legitimises paedophilia even if many Catholics have been paedophiles. Muhammad married a six year old and consummated the marriage when she was nine. The Koran endorses Rape Jihad and sexual slavery.

Here’s the point that all Muslims - and their enablers - always miss. Revolutions, coups, massive political changes of all kinds have always been carried out by a minority of activists. The Islamists are these activists. (And they're not that much of a minority anyway.) Of course the activists will be a minority because most Muslims have jobs to do and families to look after. Just as most supporters of the Conservative/Labour Party aren't activists. Most Nazis/Communists weren't activists or even vocal. 

None of that matters. The 'moderate' Muslims still never protest against the extremists. All they tend to do is comment on pages like this and come out with vacuous statements such as, "Not all Muslims are extreme".
In fact, most 'moderate' Muslims not only don't protest against Islamoterrorism and Islamic extremism, they rationalise it, explain it and justify it... everything but explicitly endorse and support it; which they can't do for reasons of realpolitik.

Oh! And thanks for thinking me clever. Much appreciated.


  1. Perhaps you have never moderate Muslims protest against the extremists. I can show you some if you like.

  2. Please do. Of course it depends on what you mean by "protest" and what they actually say about Muslim extremists. You will find that many Muslims who seem to speak out, on close analysis, don't. What they often say is: 'I'm against terrorists and extremists.... but..." And then they go on to justify, rationalise, explain, etc. these very same Muslim extremists and/or terrorists. So the "protest" is actually for non-Muslim consumption.

    That's not always the case. However, I simply don't believe that the moderates, who exist, are going to win in the UK out in the end. We are not going to make a suicidal bet that they will. In fact the opposite is the case. More and more young Muslims are becoming extremists and Islamists. And, worldwide, extreme Islam and Islamism are increasing, not decreasing.