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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Holocaust Denial on Facebook

Paul Murphy: That's a post from ONE page on ONE blog. Why are you giving it your total support when the evidence for the Holocaust is massive and includes literally thousands of documents, films, recordings, etc?... Were you already suspicious about the Holocaust – or the Jews - before reading this linked-article?

Pat Pop: It's not one page and one blog… There's many pages, blogs, books, documentaries and documents which discredit the official story. There's no evidence of 6 million deaths, in fact the Jewish propaganda machine was talking about 6 million deaths.

Paul Murphy: No it's not one page or one blog. When you say that there's "no proof" what do you expect me to say? Seamus Milne, a Guardian communist, says the same about the deaths under Stalin. He says only about 350,000 people died.

Pat Pop: OK!! The Jewish revisionists are all Nazis or Islamists. The Red Cross are Nazis and Islamists...We're all just Muslims and Nazis.. The race/anti-Semite card is so boring....... There's no evidence at all that 1 single person was gassed.

Paul Murphy: Not single Jew was gassed? Are you a historian, Pat Pop? You seem to be dismissing thousands of historians who probably don't have enough time for Facebook like you or the eccentric blogs you read. 

What do you mean by "Jewish revisionists"? Are you referring to Jews who are only Jewish by race? People like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Ille Pappe, etc? These people are Jews only by DNA. And these very same Leftists tell us that race doesn't matter. So it doesn't matter if they are racially Jews - what they say is bullshit.

There's no such thing as "an expert in gas chamber execution". There are MANY experts. If you have chosen to believe one, then that's your problem.
If you’re talking about protection of talk about the truth of the Holocaust, that's a different issue. But I thought you were denying the Holocaust - and that's another issue... What is it? You think that people should be allowed to question the Holocaust or that it didn't happen?

Which Hollywood movie do you think I've seen to convince me about the Holocaust? I'm not a straw target, Pat Pop. 

I never said you are a Nazi or an Islamist. I said that most people who say what you say are usually Nazis or Islamists. Alternatively, there is Faurisson who hates Israel and loves the Palestinians; but it’s virtually impossible to distinguish his stuff from what the Nazis are saying. So, no,  I haven't studied Pat Pop - you, whoever you are! - in great detail so I don't know what you are.

… Tell me about these "Jewish revisionists" and also their names.

Pat Pop: ... Where's the German documents referring to gas chambers? There is none. Why is there no blue residue inside the gas chambers if Zyklon B leaves a blue residue? Why were towers built onto the gas chambers after the war?. Why is there no smoke emanating from the gas chambers in allied photographs?. Why did the Nazis treat inmates for typhus if they're supposed to be exterminating the inmates?

....Why was I told in school that Anne Frank was exterminated when in fact she died of Typhus? Why were Jewish papers talking of a 6 million holocaust years before Hitler came to power? Why were there football teams, swimming pools, theatres and art classes inside the camps which were supposed to be extermination camps?....

Paul Murphy: So not only are you denying the numbers of Holocaust victims - you are saying that none were killed. And then you move on to talk about Anne Frank. She too wasn't killed. So there's a Jewish theme here? Will you accept that? 

Don't talk about me fixing labels to you. I only said that most people who advanced these arguments were Nazis and Islamists (often self-described Nazis!) – or “anti-Zionist” enemies of Israel (a place where Jews live, incidentally or not). So don't play pure here; as if you haven't been influenced by such standpoints. 

As I said AT THE VERY BEGINNING. For every bit of evidence you advance, there are thousands of bits of evidence which contradict it. Do you really want me to flood this page with evidence about the Holocaust? Or would that make not the slightest bit of difference because you'll still believe the evidence advanced by these minorities? What if I posted the thousands of bits of proof that the Holocaust DID happen? What would you say? Of course there are people who believe in this stuff that you believe but there are people who believe the earth is flat and that Kennedy was shot by Zionist aliens. So what?

Ahh Faurisson! Not only about the Holocaust but also about Ann Frank. You wouldn't last one second in a science or history department when you need to rely on eccentric blogs/websites and single sources. Faurisson also influenced the "Jewish revisionists", as you put it.
You mean Chomsky? How is Chomsky Jewish? He's not Jewish in religion, he rejects Jewish culture and history and he doesn't support Israel. How is he Jewish other than by race? He’s only Jewish “on his parents’ side”. And race doesn’t matter. How do I know that? Because Chomsky tells me so. So his “Jewish race” doesn’t matter either when it comes to the Holocaust or, for that matter, Israel and Palestine.

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  1. “most of the memoirs and reports [of 'Holocaust survivors'] are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks…”
    –Samuel Gringauz, “Jewish Social Studies” (New York), January 1950,
    Vol. 12, p. 65