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Monday, 4 February 2013

'Try wearing a hijab for a day'

"I bet I can get right to the very heart of Islam by wearing a hijab for a day."

The BBC’s relentless Islamophile campaign continues. This particular heading goes:

‘Try wearing a hijab for a day.’

Very lovely and Diversity-embracing. This is the BBC’s very own contribution to something as ridiculous as World Hijab Day.

Anyway, I suggest that BBC viewers and readers also try:
Try chopping off a baby's clitoris for day.
Try suicide-bombing for a day (only a day!).
Try honour-killing for a day.
Try bombing a school for a day.
Try marrying a nine-year-old for a day.
Try forcing someone to convert to Islam for a day...

The BBC is, of course, only giving us one side of the story of Islam as usual. Perhaps that’s because no BBC journalists and controllers live in Manningham, Keighley or Alum Rock. For that matter, none of these pious Islamophiles live in Kabul, Islamabad, Tehran or Basra. Though some journalists, admittedly, have lived in these places for a short while; where they have donned the hijab, waxed lyrical about the Brown Exotic, and been raped and beaten up for being a kuffar.

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