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Monday, 4 February 2013

There's No Stoning on the BBC's EastEnders

That's not the Muslim family on EastEnders.

"Stoning hasn't occurred in Islam since the 7th century."

- A Muslim man in conversation with the EDL's Tommy Robinson on TV.

Even if stoning doesn't occur everywhere there are Muslims, we still can't take risks on our future with these exceptions when:

i)                    stoning is essential to sharia law
ii)                   sharia law is essential to Islam.

Also, the places where stoning don't occur are where Muslims don't rule or where they don't have the numbers or political power to bring about sharia law (therefore stoning). In other words, we are talking about Muslims in the UK and in other Western non-Muslim countries.

Of course British Muslims are going to speak out against Islamic stoning to British non-Muslims. They aren't bleeding stupid. What do you expect? To confess to every Islamic perversion, here and now, in the UK would be suicide for Muslims. Utterly counterproductive. Hence the lying and distortion - the taqiyya.
Most of the actors aren't Muslim anyway.

Similarly, we can't gamble our future on all Muslims turning out like the Muslim family on EastEnders (an absurd and unreal Muslim family anyway) or on the Muslimah Lesbian Feminist Collective of Vancouver because these examples are either non-existent or lies. And even if they did exist, they won't win out in the war between Pseudo-Moderate Islam  and Actual Islam in the future.

We have to look at Islamic history and Islam around the world. And no matter if the family on EastEnders doesn't personally indulge in stoning (how could it?), Muslims throughout the world and throughout history have done so - in massive numbers and for massive periods of time (up until this very day).

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