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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Proper Nationalists (Nazis) & the EDL

The emblem of the 'England's Golden Dawn'. You’d think they’d at least make the effort to distort the swastika a little bit more than that.

There’s been a lot of talk, from ex-EDL and others, about why it is that “all nationalist groups should unite together”. 

That shouldn’t be the EDL’s main goal. The main aim for the EDL is to convince the average English person that their fight against Islamism is justified and has nothing to do with racism or Nazism. Uniting patriotic or nationalist groups together means virtually nothing when compared to getting the average Brit on board. Without the mass of Brits on our side, no matter how many ‘united’ nationalist or patriotic groups are, we’re doomed. This ain’t some EDL con in that we're trying to get ‘votes’ from the people despite what it is we “really believe”; as the inverse of the Nazis – the Leftist totalitarians - have it. We really do share many values with most British people. The Nazis, the SWP/UAF, Hope Not Hate, and the Islamists, don’t.

The one thing that will alienate the average Brit from the united nationalist groups, or from other groups, is if these groups are in any way Nazi or racist. But the Nazi or ‘Proper Nationalist’ groups don’t mind their tiny-minority status that much anyway. They see themselves as been elitists or Nazi versions of the Communist vanguard. Also, they have little politics anyway. It’s mainly psychological. About being seen to be “hard”, through violence and wanting to exterminate non-white women and children, and rationalising their nastiness with a little bit of politics.

Some other ex-EDL are also saying that they're unhappy with the EDL because it's not doing enough (enough violence?) or it hasn't achieved anything. It has! Things are being debated now that weren't being debated only three years ago. Think about Kris Hopkins talking about Muslim grooming. Or the debates about Abu Qatada or halal being enforced on non-Muslims. Of course some will deny that EDL is responsible for all this. We can argue our case on that.

Also, many of these critics weren't really – or even literally - EDL in the first place. They either wanted to change the EDL (to Nazify it) or to destroy it. (Nazifying the EDL will destroy it.) 

Many of these critics have zero in common with the EDL. The main point of the EDL originally was to get away from the old racism and nasty Nazism that alienated such groups from most UK citizens - including millions of working-class white people! (Don’t fool yourself English Nazis. Not every white member of the working class is secretly dreaming about a new English Hitler.) The Proper Nationalists believe things which are utterly un-English and at odds with everything that makes the English, English. That's why they call themselves "nationalists" rather than "patriots". Hell, they even hate Churchill (he was ‘half-Jewish’ apparently – but Churchill didn’t know it) and criticise the RAF’s bombing campaigns against Germany during WW2. (As do Communists/Trotskyists; the twins of the Nazis. Commies hate Nazis, and vice versa, because they’re basically fighting for the same bone. Hell, nowadays they even share anti-Semitism and a love of Islam.)

Also, the Proper Nationalists are dying to fight on the streets. They love violence. That's fair enough. But it will backfire massively anyway. But that won't bother them; as long as they've had a scrap. Real political success can go to hell for all these Proper Nationalists care.

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