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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Political Hipsters For Islam & Muslims

See that absurd image. These political hipsters, of the SWP-UAF and Hope Not Hate, should try wearing clothes like that in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc. For goodness sake! 

Nearly all those protesters will be Leftists, atheists, philosophical materialists; and some will be gay. Yet they are defending a religion, Islam, that’s anti-gay, misogynist, imperialist, supremacist, Arabocentric (racist) and God knows what else. Can you really excuse all that simply because they have brown skin and you’ve patronisingly classified all of them as the Oppressed? What are you – (inverted/positive) racists? Of course you are.

Try being a hip and “queer” in any Muslim country. You’d be hung from a post.

"Queers for Palestine" - and also for their own deaths if they carry on doing what they're doing. True suicidalists. Securing their own deaths on the Alter of Political Hipness (plus correctness).

How hipness blinds and numbs the brain. Political hipness is everything to these deeply shallow people.
Islamic reality – as well as many other realities - can "go to hell"; they'd rather dress up like that and talk about Julian Assange

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