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Monday, 4 February 2013

Far-right critics of the EDL

The totalitarian trio, Nazis, Leftists & Islamists, all talk about "freedom" & "free speech" - but they are talking about these things as they apply exclusively to themselves and themselves alone.

You’ve got to be careful of those "far right" or Nazi groups who talk about "freedom" and "free speech" when all they mean by those words is freedom for their party and the free expression of their values and beliefs. They have absolutely no commitment to freedom and free speech as a universal or an absolute. Just freedom for them to say what they want to say. Once they've achieved power, then other people's freedoms and free speech will be curtailed in a far worse way than they are with the current Tory Party or the last Labour Party.

It's exactly the same when Muslims talk about "freedom" and "human rights". They are talking specifically about their freedom to be Muslims and to follow sharia law and their human right to be Muslims and follow all the sharia laws. Again, there is no commitment to universal freedom and human rights for the kuffar - only for Muslims and only Muslims

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