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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Download '' For Laughs!

"Wife of mumbling 'black metal' front man Ozzy Osbourne, and Talk Show Host

"A Half-Jew, Osbourne shows White European bone structure and this is because of an Irish Mother. Her father was an Ashkenazi Jew successful in the music industry. Orthodox Judaism only considers those born of Jewish mothers to be true Jews. A few others on this site have the look of White-Jewish mixes, but will only be indicated when definitely known."

This is one of the most unintentionally hilarious websites I've ever seen.

This intense level of mindlessness and monomaniacal Jew-hatred must really retard these subhumans - both intellectually and spiritually. The person who spent all his time on this must be one hell of a sad wacko! 

When Jews (even “Jews” who aren't actually Jews) are in any way discussed, the freaks really do come out of the woodwork.

I especially love the bit about the “Jewish manager” who managed the "nasty rotter" David Bowie. Classic stuff! And all this is for real. See for yourself. It's not a comedy website.

All he's done is find out all the Jews he can find in the US and make bitchy or mindless comments about them. (He has a thing about pornography.) It doesn’t matter to him if they’re religious/anti-religious Jews; left-wing/right-wing Jews; business/arts Jews; Conservative/Republican Jews; moralist/immoralist Jews; etc. What matters is that they’re all… Jews (even if "half-Jews" as he often puts it). 

These Jews are basically being condemned for being successful, or artistic, or famous. They aren’t even being condemned for being "rich bankers", or "neo-cons", or “Zionists”. They are being condemned for anything and everything. That is, if they’ve got Jewish blood, anything they do, even if it's good, is bad. And all because those little Jewish DNA molecules they have are bound to cause some kind - any kind – of evil - regardless of any other factor whatsoever. Sad and pathetic really.

And, of course, my saying this must simply mean, to an emotionally and intellectually retarded Jew-hater, that I too must have some nasty little Jewish genes floating around somewhere in my own body.

All this reminds me of Howard Jacobson's (the novelist and “Jew-boy”) recollection of when he was once in the British Museum library. He came across a well-known fanatical anti-Semite who was at a table up to his head in books about the Jewsssss! Jacobson quickly realised that this person knew more about Jewish history, Israel, Judaism, Jewish wine, etc. than he did. But this is often the case with Jew-haters. Even the clod-hopping Nazis I come across on my Facebook page seem to know a lot about Jews. Put it this way. They probably know more about the Jews than they know about Winston Churchill or about any aspect of English history or culture. 

This is why I think that Jew-hatred is primarily, and nearly always, more of a psychological (emotional) and not a political phenomenon. I also think that a lot of people would agree with me on that.

Jewish Faces In Music

MAIN PAGE  |  Porn  |  Banking  |  Government  |  Media  |  TV  |  Movies  |  Internet Actors  |  Music  |  Radio  |  Books  |  China

"Marilyn Manson was born as Brian Hugh Warner in Canton, Ohio, the only child of Barb (née Wyer) and Hugh Warner."

Jewish Mother = Jew according to Jewish law. Only Jews are inclined to mock and degrade Christianity as Warner does.

"Mansons surname, Warner, is a Jewish name. Marilyn Manson, AKA Brian Warner, was born of Jewish heritage. Whether or not he practices Judaism is not the..."

Note: "Jewish" is an ethnicity. As one rabbi said, 'The Jewish faith is the Jewish race.' (paraphrase)

Phil Specter
Record Producer, Murderer, keeper of afros. Wild hair is a big thing with revolutionaries.

David Lee Roth,

Heavy Metal 'Sex Symbol," bellowing cow. After bellowing his way through Van Halen, the ethnic network even gave him his own radio show. (What qualified David Lee Roth to be a talk show host?) Ethnic networking works.

Jewish Managers
They'll push anything on the world

Chuck Schuldiner, openly Jewish and openly homosexual, the founder of death metal

Bob Dylan
, Songwriter
Most important in the 1960's. Whiny obnoxious voice that conveyed distain, contempt, hatred. Taught Gentile youths the attitude they should take toward their fathers and "the establishment."

Lou Reed

Pioneer of perverted image in rock.
Jewish music reviewers hyped him in "rock music books" starting in the 1960's but the Gentile population couldn't figure out what was so great about him. Finally made it big when he put on eye shadow. Voice sort of like a lower range Bob Dylan, but with less personality.

Olivia Newton-John
Half Welsh-German/Half Jewish
(Jewish Mother)

Her voice was noted for being insipid, of a barely amateur quality, like a high school girl trying out in a talent show. But she had publishing connections. Ethnic networking works.

Perry Ferrel, made the band "Jane's Addiction," which randomly screams out anti-Christian lyrics like "erotic Jesus" in the middle of songs, created a music festival called Lolapalooza, featuring his band "Porno for Pyros"

Ferrell does not prefer Jewesses. Pictured here with Deborah Harry (of the band "Blondie") in the making of their album for kids, "Kidzapalooza"

"Lady Gaga"

Courtney Love
Former wife of Kurt Cobain, leader of punk band "Hole," de-evolved lingo for the human orifices.
For her acting venture she played wife of pornographer Larry Flynt. Recently "discovered" her Jewish heritage.

Kenny G, Lord of Schmaltzy Sax
How did this muzak manufacturer become a major successful musican? Ethnic networking is a powerful thing.

Courtney Love On 'Discovering'
She Is Part Jewish

"[Courtney] Love feels empowered in her quest to become a free agent by the recent discovery that she has Jewish ancestry, which includes a certain Hollywood legend. Love's mother, therapist Linda Carroll, was adopted by a wealthy San Francisco family but later learned her birth mother is 78-year-old literary sensation Paula Fox, daughter of '30s screenwriter Paul Fox and wife Elsie. (Paul Fox was a first cousin of Douglas Fairbanks Sr.)

''Looking at the strength of Jewish actors, Jewish entertainers, and Jewish executives, and knowing that my bloodline is part of that, gives me a kind of strength,'' she explains.

''Think about their positive contributions in this culture: Unionizing? Jews. Leftyism? Jews. So to be part of that -- the Norma Rae of it -- gives me confidence. Sitting in a room with Doug Morris and  the business-affairs.... people at [UMG], they're not looking at me thinking, Crazy goy. They're thinking, Banzai Jew!''

Edit: Some believe that Courtney Love was involved with the murder of her husband, the brilliant rock composer Kurt Cobain.  

guitarist for the obnoxious screaming band, "Guns 'n' Roses"

Gene Simmons, bass player
 for 'Kiss,' a creator of forgettable, banal, 3-chord shouts that made it big with a costume gimmick. famous fornicator, publisher of "Tongue" magazine. Later the Jewish ethnic network gave him his own T.V. show named after his organ called "Family Jewels."

Paul Stanley, Guitarist
for "Kiss"

Culture Collapse
Do you know which

Jewish managers got rich
making these nasty rotters

The story of David Bowie
& Alice Cooper

Jewish Managers From Hell
Discover the svengali managers
who made culture rotters
Alice Cooper & David Bowie
into household names.

Jewish Managers
Tony DeFries and Shep Gordon
Anything for fame & money.
Brassy, Brassy & Brassy
Jews seem to specialize in harsh, brassy voices that force themselves upon the ears.

Barbara Streisand
Queen of all Brassy Singers,

Political Agitator.
A voice that could kill.

Carly Simon
, Brassy Singer.
Here she displais her large mouth.
Simon has been cited  as half Jewish.

Her Jewish father is the "Simon" in
Publishing Giant Simon & Schuster

Simon's voice was barely amateur calibre and her songwriting bland when not in collaboration. But ethnic networking really works.

Bette Midler.
"brassy"  woman with a harsh, brassy voice. Calls herself "Divine." The Jewish music publisher Jann Wenner featured her heavily long before she achieved anything interesting in music (such as with the hit song "From a Distance," written by somebody else.)

Bette Midler smokes a cigar

The brassy-voiced Carly Simon selling herself as a sex symbol, album cover,

Bette Midler plays
brassy drunk.

Beyond Brassy,
Michael Bolton

Melissa Manchester, Singer
A rare photo of this brassy singer 
before cosmetic surgery. (See Right)
Hits: "Don't Cry Out Load"
"Midnight Blue"

Edgar Bronfman, CEO of Time-Warner Music
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Jews are one of the most racially aware groups. White Europeans (Gentiles) are now one of the least racially aware groups.
Jews have a very strong ethnic group solidarity, and network together as a race, just as Whites once did.
The purpose of this website is to help Whites become more racially and culturally aware.

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