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Friday, 8 February 2013

David Cameron Flirts With Syria's Mujahidin

The Mujahidin in Syria has begun the "liberation" of Damascus and has named the battle: 'The Great Assault'.
The Syrian Mujahidin (many of whom won’t actually be Syrian) are preparing for the slaughter of Syrian Christians. (I don’t think that there are any Jews left in Syria; as with Saudi Arabia, Gaza, the West Bank and various Muslim countries.) They will even slaughter Shia (Allawite) Muslims too and thus come into battle with Lebanon's (Shia) Hezbollah and ultimately with Shia Iran! This is part of the Eternal Battle between Shia and Sunni Islam. It is taking on a new and more virulent form. Then again, it's been going on for over 1,300 years.

And our Government is supporting these people. Why? Because, being wise and seasoned public-school-boy diplomats who know Realpolitik, they simply support those who they know will eventually gain power and become the next government. (There is, admittedly, a certain amount of sense to this.) The same happened in Libya and has occurred time and time before. Our public-school diplomats know the harsh realities of world politics. We, on the other hand, are bogged down with principles - which don't work in the Real World anyway - and a lack of a public-school education. And without that education, we simply cannot know what governments have to do - deal with all kinds of cunts once they have power (as well as before they gain power). And the Islamists are going to gain power in Syria. (Or are they?)
Our Governments supports the Islamists of Syria but is fighting against Islamists in Mali.

Our Government is fighting against the Islamists in Somalia but supports them in Pakistan, Egypt and in many other places.

More importantly, our Government is fighting various Islamists abroad but it is supporting various British home-grown Islamist groups and individuals, including the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), those who agitate in and for Unite Against Fascism (UAF), and many others.

What the hell is our Government doing?

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