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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

'All politicians piss in the same bucket'

"Do you want a bit of this? Then vote for me."

I hate many politicians as much as anyone else. But some people need to be careful about the nature of their criticism and what they either hint at – rarely state – is their alternative to the current “system”.

The Tory Party is full of corrupt and unscrupulous careerists. It always has been. So is Labour Party. It always has been. However, because we live in democracy, if an admittedly imperfect one (perfection and Utopia is not stated by the enemies of “the status quo”, but it is certainly hinted at), we can do something about these people.

But beware those who promise a Leftist or a Rightist Utopia with zero unemployment and selfless leaders. It won't happen. It has never happened it it will never happen. There is the problem of futurology – the inbuilt inability to forecast what will happen in the future. There are the multitudes of variables which need to be taken account of. And there is the corruptibility of man – the corruptibility of Labour Man, of Conservative Man, of Far-Right Man, of Far-Left Man and even of Nice LibDem Man.

Many people are pretty shit in many respects and on the whole. Including me. Even if not on the whole; in enough respects for them to be corrupted somehow or somewhen. So it follows that politicians will be pretty shit too. How can we expect otherwise? Yes; it's worse in the case of politicians because they have political power and can change the nature of the country in very negative ways. But that’s a question of absolute power versus our own relative power. It’s not a question of politicians being intrinsically more corrupt or evil than the average person.

Anyone who offers revolution or “radical change”, Left or Right, may – or will! - come up with something far worse. Not only that. The far left and far right won't leave us the option to do anything about their own corruption and abuse of power.

So if we really hate these fuckers; we should do everything we can, more or less within the various democratic processes which exist, to do something about it. That is, to fight for more democracy, freedom and change - but not through Leftist revolution or whatever it is the far right wants to do about the "corrupt status quo".

In a sense we are just as much to blame as our politicians because we have – and have had - the power to change things in the positive direction we claim to want. But maybe too many people are happy, deep down, with the status quo or are too apathetic to do anything about it. If that’s the case, perhaps for most people things aren’t as bad as many make out. Of course others will think that things are indeed very bad.

There are those who promise “radical action”: as if that will get automatically get rid of human corruption and stop people being on the take. It won't. It will substitute one group of cunts with another group of cunts. But this result will actually be far worse because those in power - after radical change or revolution - will not allow the people to do anything about their own power once they've got it. After all, “sustaining the revolution” will be of vital importance to them. These people, of the Right and Left, will have been fighting for “radical change” all their lives. They will not let democracy or the people's outrage unseat them once they have the political power they’ve been dreaming about all their lives.

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