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Saturday, 22 December 2012

The US battle between the Muslim Lobby & Jewish Lobby

Of course the very small fact that Obama is a Muslim will not make him biased - especially not when dealing with Israel.

United Nations (UN) & American Reactions to Israel’s Actions

The United Nations is extremely biased against Israel. Take just one example amongst very many.

When Israel scratches the finger of a Palestinian there is massive debate and even many belligerent anti-Israel directives in and from the UN. On the other hand, when the Islamic Sudanese state, as well as the Islamist Jangweed, slaughtered over a million and caused a famine which resulted in massively more deaths (in two decades) than Israel has killed Palestinians in over sixty years, the Sudanese actions were hardly ever discussed. There are 57 Muslim/Islamic states in the UN; including Sudan. The Muslim Sudanese killed and caused the death of over two million black animists and Christians between 1983 and 2005. On the other hand, around 51,000 people have been killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 1950 – including Israelis and as well as those killed in the various Intrafada battles between various Muslim groups.

But many people will also be surprised to know that the United States, that “great friend of Zionism and Israel”, has taken more positions against Israel than for it. The most well-known historical example this was the Suez War. During this time President Eisenhower stood completely against Israel . And after that war, the US Government forced Israel to withdraw from the Egyptian territory it had only just conquered.
A similar type of thing happened much later - in 1981. This time with President Ronald Reagan. (Who was, nonetheless, a good friend of Israel.) Because of Israel’s actions in the Golan Heights, President Reagan suspended a strategic cooperation agreement with Israel. Not long after that, Reagan also stopped the delivery of fighter planes to Israel because of an Israeli raid on Lebanon.


Aid and Military Supplies to the Arab States and to the Palestinians

Again, in terms of military actions and military supplies, the US imposed an arms embargo on Israel during the 1948 War. It did the same again over the Six Day s War (1967).

In fact, it was only just before the Six Days War, in 1967, that the US first provided Israel with military aircraft – 18 years after Israel was formed. Above all that. Part of the deal, or the secret agreement, of providing such aircraft to Israel was that the US also supplied the very same planes to Morocco and Libya, as well as sending additional military equipment to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

Indeed all along, from Israel’s formation until today, the US has been far more committed to providing arms to Arab nations than it has been to Israel. Over time it has supplied missiles, tanks, aircraft, etc. to Jordan, Morocco, Egypt (as with Obama today), Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. I mentioned the reciprocal deals of aircraft both to Israel and to Libya and Morocco earlier. The very same thing happened when Israel received F-15s in 1978 from the US. So too did Saudi Arabia. It gets more Arabocentric than that. In 1981, Saudi Arabia received a weapons system that gave it a military advantage over Israel – that is, it got AWACS radar planes from the US.

But way before that, the US was arming – and aiding – the Arab states up to the hilt. In 1957, the US assumed “responsibility” for supporting Jordan and just after that it resumed economic aid to Egypt and other Arab states. This was a case of massive investment, aiding and military supply. (As it still is today.)
More interestingly, and perhaps more relevantly, since the 1950s, the US has been a massive – the biggest – contributor to the Palestinians through the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA).

One point worth stressing here, when it came to aid especially (but also arms, etc.), Israel received virtually all it aid from the US. The Arab states, especially the Palestinians, have also revived much help from Asia, the former Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and, of course, the European Community (EU).


The Arab ‘Peace Treaties’ With Israel

Most people in the West know that the many “peace treaties” which have been made between various Arab states, as well as by the Palestinians, and Israel were utterly strategic and cynical in nature. However, that series of cynical and strategic moves from the Arab states also included a financial – not just a political – factor. To put it simply: when Arab states have signed peace treaties with Israel, they have been handsomely paid, by the US, for doing so. 

For example, since signing the peace treaty with Israel, in 1979, Egypt has been the second-largest recipient of US foreign aid (it reached $2 billion in 2002). Jordan, always a “friend of the United States”, also received a lot of cash for signing a peace treaty with Israel. (Jordan’s cash-inflow from the US increased by from less than $40 to more than $225 million after the signing.) 

Above all that. Jordan and Egypt once owed the US billions of dollars. After the signing of the peace treaties; the US decided that they owed them precisely nothing. Peace – even false peace – clearly pays for the Arabs.

The Palestinians, never slow to miss a trick at the expense of the West, have also been paid handsomely for false peace. After the Oslo agreements, the US began providing massive funding to the Palestinians. (It had also been doing so before Oslo.) By 2002, the US was providing $80 million in humanitarian aid and “assistance” to the Palestinians. (The population of Gaza and the West Bank is very slightly more than Wales – that is, around 3.9 million in 2008.) More specifically, the US provided aid, up until 2007, directly to the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and the West Bank. 

The US officially categorised the PA, at this time, as “corrupt” – it was also undemocratic and practised massive violence and torture. Nevertheless, roughly around this time, President Bush did warn the Palestinians that they must change their leadership and embrace reform in order to receive future assistance. This was not American “imposing itself on the Palestinians”. It was simply a case of the Americans saying they’d stop aiding and funding corrupt leaders if they didn’t get their house in order. The US had no obligation to feed and fund an ungrateful nation led by corrupt and violent leaders. That is hardly political imposition. It’s American money. It’s lots of American money. Why should Americans give their money to gangsters and killers?

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