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Monday, 17 December 2012

An Englishman's reasons for coming to support the EDL

It’s hard to know where to begin on this issue. So I’ll make my account almost entirely personal (a story of my personal experiences) in nature.

My first experience with Muslims occurred when I moved to a place called Bradford Moor in Bradford. We had moved there from a completely non-Muslim (white) council estate. Bradford Moor, on the other hand, housed many Muslims. (Not as many as it does today.)

In the few years I live
d there, it was becoming more and more Muslim in nature. (As well as more and more dirty, run-down and litter-strewn.) One day there was a knock at the door. My mum answered. It was a group of Muslim men dressed in the attire of Pakistani villagers. One man said: “Me wanna buy your house.” When he was saying this he was pushing a wad of pound notes in my mum’s face. Clearly this man had lots of money. And clearly he didn’t want to go through the traditional British legal process when it came to the buying houses for his immediate and extended family. (Some of whom would, no doubt, have been coming over directly from Pakistan.)

Needless to say, many people in this area were more or less chased out of Bradford Moor. Now Bradford Moor is almost completely Muslim (some older non-Muslims simply refuse to leave).

My next experiences were in Manningham, again in Bradford, after I’d moved out of my parents’ home. When I lived there there were, even then, many Muslims; but the whole of Manningham had not yet become a complete Muslim ghetto (just parts of the area were ghettos in those days).

Nonetheless, I experienced there many of the negative traits of Muslims (as Muslims). Muslim landlords, without exception, treated their tenants (including me) as little more than subhuman (or “animals” as infidels are called in the Koran). This resulted in extortionate rents and the landlords refusing the do any repairs whatsoever. But these Muslim landlords did more than that. It was systematically the case that they verbally abused my various girlfriends at the time: sometimes quite mildly; sometimes not so mildly. It was as if they simply assumed that every non-Muslim girl or woman was a whore. Of course the very fact that they were living with a man they weren’t married to simply meant - to these Muslims (landlords in this case) - that they were whores.

Muslim taxi drivers, in Manningham (plus everywhere else) were even notorious, even then, for verbally abusing and sometimes sexual abusing, as well as raping, non-Muslim girls and women.

I paid a visit to Manningham a few years after I’d moved out. On that occasion I was severely beaten up by a Muslim gang. They attacked us because we’d strayed into “Muslim territory” – that’s how they put it. They used concrete slabs to beat us and when we attempted to get passing motorists to help, as well as local shopkeepers, they weren’t interested because they too were Muslims. When I got home I went to the toilet for a piss. While pissing I must have collapsed on the floor. I woke up the next morning in a pool of my own piss. I went to hospital and they treated a blood-clot which had formed on my midriff. I also had bruises and cuts all over my body.

I soon came to know that at least 7-out-of-ten of the young people I knew at that time had also been attacked by Muslim gangs. God knows what it’s like now. Actually I do know what it’s like. Just over a year ago, an old non-Muslim man was stabbed to death by a Muslim gang, again in Manningham, for straying into “Muslim territory”.

I moved back to Bradford Metropolitan Council district area in 1998 – to live in a town called Keighley. Here all the things which happened to me before happened again. In this medium-sized town there were, roughly, at least three Muslim ghettos. But it was here where I first came across the Muslim sexual-grooming gangs and abuse of young non-Muslim girls - some as young as 11 or 12 - for the first time.

I also had a friend, who shall remain unnamed, when I lived in Keighley. His girlfriend became pregnant. He was well-chuffed. She had the baby. Strangely enough, he asked me up to see the baby. He was white, she was white and the baby was brown. It later came to be known that she’d probably been raped by Muslims. She, like so many others, had also been groomed by, again as in many other cases, by Muslims who worked at fast-food outlets.

On another occasion I was sitting in a pub having a few pints. Suddenly a host of bricks and bottles started smashing through the windows. This went on for some time. Me and some lads went outside to see who the culprits were. It was a large gang of Muslim youths. There was a bit of a commotion, of course. The landlord had immediately phoned the police. The police arrived – over thirty minutes later! And guess what. The police station was just a few streets away from the pub. We questioned the slow response. The police said: “We can’t do anything about the Muslims.”

I moved to Birmingham (in the English Midlands) in 2008. All the problems with Islam and Muslim behaviour (as Muslims) were replicated in this city – sometimes to an even worse degree. I’d heard tens of stories about how bad the situation was there. Here’s one example. There a Muslim ghetto called Alum Rock. I’ve heard it said, by many Brummies, that not even the (kuffar) police or ambulance services are allowed into this area. The situation is so bad that Muslim residents had put up signs which basically said that you are now entering a Muslim area. (I can’t remember the exact wordings.) I don’t know if the signs are still there.

However, my worst experience occurred on the 8th of August, 20009. There was an EDL demo - a static demo - held in Birmingham city center. At the other side of the city there was a counter-demo of Muslims and their left-wing (nearly always Trotskyist/SWP-UAF) supporters. A Muslim Birmingham City Councillor, and leader of the Respect Party (an Islamist-cum-Trotskyist party), Salma Yaqoob, gave a speech to the counter-demonstrators. (This speech is on video and can be seen on YouTube.) In her speech she shouted: “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our Street! Whose streets?...” Immediately after this speech Muslim men began to riot and maraud through the city-center streets of Birmingham attacking every non-Muslim (white) shopper they could find. (There are many photos and videos of all this.) It was then - though I’d followed the movement since its inception two months before - I realised that I simply had to support the English Defence League (EDL). There simply wasn’t any other alternative at that time - and perhaps there isn’t one today.

As that Keighley policeman had said to me, I realised that not a soul was prepared “do anything about the Muslims”. At least not until the EDL arrived on the scene.

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