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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Anjem Choudary tells the truth about Islam

Is Anjem Chaudary extreme or is he simply an honest Muslim?

He is both honest and extreme. He is extreme because he follows an extreme religion and he is honest because he tells non-Muslims the truth about Islam, the Koran, Muhammed, etc. What can be wrong with honesty and telling the truth abour your religion? He realises that round shapes cannot be squeezed into square-shaped holes, no matter how much Islamic taqiyya (lies, distortions, dissimulations, etc. used to further the cause of Islam) one uses to achieve that. He may simply realise that more and more non-Muslims, outside the far left, liberal left and the small world of Islamophiles, are realising that almost all Muslims use taqiyya when speaking about Islam to them.

[Left and right images: Before.... and after.]

Thus Chaudary's honesty about Islam may in the end be a smart move on his part. As a Muslim truth-teller, he may find himself becoming more and more important in the Muslim community. As it is today, he is better known in the non-Muslim world than he is to most of his fellow Muslims.

It is therefore a frightening thought that Anjem Chaudary is not, after all, an extreme Muslim, but a honest one. Or he is both extreme and honest. And that extremism is derived from Islam itself.

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