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Sunday, 2 October 2011

UAF Conference - October 15th

On the 15th of October there’s going to be a ‘conference’ to Celebrate Diversity and Community Cohesion in London. Or, as the Trotskyist UAF puts it:

“The event, titled Celebrate diversity, defend multiculturalism, oppose Islamophobia and racism, is organised by UAF and One Society Many Cultures and sponsored by SERTUC.”

There’s no need to ‘defend multiculturalism’ in the abstract, as the UAF has it. There are only ‘attacks’ on certain aspects of it. This just shows you what absolutists these people are. Even a slight criticism of multiculturalism is deemed an attack on all aspects of it. This is the mindset of the Trotskyist UAF - a black and white world of what is and what isn’t politically allowable. The fact that UAF, and their Islamophile and Islamist friends, cannot take even the slightest criticism of the religion/ideology of multiculturalism, shows you what totalitarians these people really are.

There is little doubt that this conference is primarily a response to David Cameron’s warnings earlier this year, as well as at to the English Defence League’s very existence.

What did Cameron say? Just that mass immigration can cause problems and that multiculturalism must never become a mindless dogma. But multiculturalism is a mindless dogma to UAF and all the Leftist ‘guests’ at this conference. You are either for multicultural dogmas or against them. If you have ever read the tabloid Socialist Worker (the Trot’s version of the Sun), you’ll see that these Leftists always think in such absolutist terms.

These people don’t really ‘Celebrate Diversity’. They celebrate politically-correct examples of Diversity and attempt to ban, or make illegal, all the rest. UAF doesn’t Celebrate the EDL, the BNP, the Conservative Party, fox hunting, Christianity, football, opera, working-class culture, etc. No. They only support what they can derive political or revolutionary capital from. What they can use to bring about ‘political radicalisation’.

And what a list of ‘acts’ on the bill - full of Islamists, New Labourites, Muslims and Trotskyists. For example, Peter Hain MP (ex-Trot), Farooq Murad, Muslim Council of Britain (part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas), Bob Lambert co-director European Muslim Research Centre, Dilowar Khan director, London Muslim Centre, Alaa’ Samarrai vice-president student affairs, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, Sabby Dhalu secretary One Society Many Cultures, Weyman Bennett joint secretary UAF, Martin Smith national co-ordinator, Love Music Hate Racism.

See you there!


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  1. Yes, it's a real 'fun fest' isn't it? I'd anticipate that they'll be revving up for their absurd pro-Islamisation anti-English 'celebration' taking place in Newcastle on 29 October:

  2. Ooops! Originally posted on wrong thread...

    Celebrating diversity? Here's another victory for the invaders in their attempt to destroy our English culture, history and heritage: Muslims force closure of historic steam rail excursions.

  3. Can't think of anything more dismal and irrelevant. The stench of hypocrisy and unwashed bodies will be felt for miles around!!