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Saturday, 8 October 2011

To the FBI - 'The truth won't set us free!'

No one, literally speaking, ‘is at war with the Islamic religion’. You cannot be at war with an abstract entity or concept. That phrase doesn’t really make much sense and is not very helpful anyway. But the US is at war with literally millions of Muslims throughout the world. These Muslims fight for an ideology which also doubles up as a religion - it's called 'Islam'. They claim to be fighting for Allah against all his ‘evil enemies’. We are these evil enemies quite simply because we are ‘unbelievers’. That’s all it takes to be an enemy of Islam or Allah.
So what’s wrong with stating this blatantly-obvious truth? Well, it’s not a very politically-correct truth. Not very PC but still, nevertheless, true. And when truth gets in the way of political correctness, or Diversity or multiculturalism, then it will be sacrificed, as it is day after day after day when it comes to this ‘war with Islam’.

This is why the FBI has been severely reprimanded. Again, reprimanded for telling the truth in such a non-PC way. Thus the FBI, or these particular FBI, have been scolded by the PC thought police. It seems that phrases such as ‘civilizational Jihad’ are not acceptable. Yes, it is a war for Western civilisation against a dark-age barbarism - just don’t say this in front on the kids. They may pick up some dangerously non-PC ideas about Islam, Muslims and other such things.

This case is kind of self-referential. That is, the ‘civilians, juries, lawyers, media, academia and charities’ who threaten ‘our values’ are precisely the same people who have reprimanded the FBI for uttering such truths. Perhaps they don’t like being named and shamed. Again, the FBI should simply not have said that these fifth columnists want to

‘replace the America liberal and Judeo-Christian and Western liberal social, political and religious foundations with Islam’.

Do not speak of such an evil! After all, the President of the United States himself recently campaigned to defuse the idea that Islamoterrorism really does have something - a lot - to do with, well, Islam.

How does the American great and good view what the FBI has said about Islam or about so many Muslims? This writer says that what they said was ‘bigoted and counter-productive counter-terrorism training’. It didn’t stop there. A Jarret Brachman classified the FBI's work, in this instance, as ‘boneheaded’ as well as ‘hateful, paranoid and completely counter-productive’.

So the FBI is simply wrong - there aren’t millions upon millions of Muslims - distributed throughout the globe - who want to destroy the United States, along with the entire Western world and its traditions and ideas. What do you think?
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