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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Swiss say 'no' to Islamic supremacism

Good old Switzerland! First they had the guts, and pride, to ban supremacist minarets. Then they banned the Islamist veil or burqa as well. I’m buying my passport today. (I hope they’re OK with non-Muslim immigrants. The English, on the whole, are very good with non-Muslim immigrants.)

This was a story of Muslim audacity beyond imagination. Of a cheek and arrogance that must never be assuaged. A group of Swiss Muslims are demanding that Switzerland abandon its current flag - a white cross on a red background. They’re claiming, or asserting, that it ‘violates the rights of the representatives of non-Christian confessions’. ‘Non-Christian’? They mean Muslim. The utter cheek of these people. The worst thing is how these Islamists and Muslims co-opt Western law to serve a religion that would destroy Western law. ‘Violate the rights of Muslims’? There are no rights for Muslims in Islamic/Muslim countries. But what’s worse than that is that non-Muslims in Muslim countries are often treated like shit - like the dhimmis they are. These dhimmis have to be thankful that Muslims are providing them with ‘protection’ from... yes, from other Muslims.

[Left: a much more acceptable flag? It's also a flag of Islamic war.]

Thankfully the Swiss are probably going to tell them to ‘**ck off’ - but in French or German. It does not matter if many Swiss have ‘broken off from the religion of their ancestors’. Switzerland still has a Christian history and culture. And such traditions still exist. Even an atheist or agnostic can happily accept that Christianity, along with its traditions and institutions, is a part of what or who they are. So when Muslims threaten the Swiss flag (for having a cross on it), they are threatening, or challenging, Swiss - or indeed Western - identity - the very thing multiculturalists defend like mad when it happens to be the identities of Muslims.

We can learn something from the Swiss. Why did the Swiss government take its stance against minarets? Because the Swiss live by democracy in one of its purest forms. A democracy in which there was a referendum to decide the ‘minaret issue’. Thus the people as a whole, rather than their representatives, put their foot down on supremacist minarets. 57.5 percent of the Swiss population was in favour of a ban. At the same time as this, the halal slaughter of animals was also banned (because of cruelty).

No doubt exactly the same bannings would occur in the UK when it comes to minarets and, perhaps, also when it comes to the burqa and other symbols of Islamic supremacism and separatism. But what do the people know about ‘the religion of peace’?

[Image right: was that cow ever consulted about that minaret?]

Yes, you guessed it. Islamic organisations, human rights activists and many European politicians expressed their outrage at this clear example of People Power. It seems that the people, as usual, were clearly ‘Islamophobic’ - or even ‘fascist’ - in their decision. However, the writer of this piece says that

‘unlike neighbouring France and Germany, the Swiss society is rather conservative.’

Why ‘conservative’? Why aren’t the Swiss simply suspicious - or even frightened - of supremacist Islam as well as being outraged by sharia law becoming a dual legal aspect of Swiss society? In other words, these politicians and legal activists seem to know, in their pious Islamophile ways, how the minds of their societies really work - in terribly ‘Islamophobic’ ways.
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